Sunday, August 31, 2008

Buko Nero.......... Italian food with some local touches

A visit to Buko Nero will tell you its worth the very long wait on the wait list. Buko Nero is a small private italian diner that has only 20 seats. It has an unassuming front for a restaurant such that you'll past it even if you're looking for it amidst the stretch of bridal shops along Tanjong Pagar Road. The restaurant is plain and simple but the food that they serve is a really something. Oscar is the chef and his wife Tracy handles the rest of the stuff.  Please book at least 1 month in advance for the real special occasion.

What you are seeing is a mouth watering, Tenderloin wrapped with bacon and topped with mushrooms.  I'll also recommend the Tau Kwa tower that is an interesting fusion starter that Oscar creates.

Cost : I spend about $130 for a full dinner for 2 (without wine). 
Country : Singapore

Address : 126 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore, SG 088534 
Central Phone: +65 6324 6225

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