Monday, December 15, 2008

Dong Ya Seafood 东亚海鲜 .......... Good Chi Char 煮炒 at Keong Saik Street

Dong Ya Seafood is located in a Pre-war shophouse at the junction of Keong Siak Street and Teck Lim Street. Keong Saik street used to be well known as the "Red light" district in Chinatown. Now the "redness" is less pominent. There are many restaurants sprouting out in this area, all attracted by the novelty of setting up business in the pre-war shophouses under the heritage preservation programme.

During lunch time and dinner time, car park lots along the roads are scarce. The parking wardens patrol these streets regularly. So try not to save on coupons if you're lucky enough to find an empty lot. This time when I had my dinner, I parked along the double yellow line for a while and then I had to drop my bowl of rice and go dashing towards my car and drive off to prevent the parking wardens from giving me a fine.

During business hours, tables and chairs spill out of the coffee shop and onto the corridor for the chi char 煮炒 business. You can spot a couple of tourist who's attracted to the ambience ...........

The following are some of their popular dishes that are worth mentioning;

"Cai Por"菜蒲 and minced meat over fried tofu ..........

Honey Pork Ribs ..........

Prawns in Mongolian sauce .........

Here's our desert ........ Toast with butter and kaya. We ordered the toast and coffee here after the dinner after I've told my friend that they're good. I came to Dong Ya for their coffee and toast before.  I think they serve one of the best toast around. Their coffee is GOOD! 

Cost :  about S$15 per person

Address : Junction of Keong Siak and Teck Lim Street

Country : Singapore

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Magdelene said...

mmm...looks yummy! Might ask my dad to bring us there for dinner next time :D


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