Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sam's Anchor Cafe for Breakfast ..... Tiburon, California, USA

Sam Vella started serving breakfast out of tents along Tiburon beach in 1920......... and the rest was history (go check out the website if you are interested).

When you visit the Main Street of Tiburon, in the morning, you'll notice that Sam's Cafe is unanimously the most popular cafe along the stretch. Even the sea gulls (by the number of them circling the area) think so. Last year there weren't anymore seats for us left but I was glad that this time we arrived half an hour before noon and got our table.

If you arrived into Tiburon, entering the main street, you would have just shot pass the unattractive front door of Sam's cafe. You wouldn't want to enter after peering through the window and noticed the empty cafe (if you didn't see far enough). Don't be fooled by the facade.

Walk right in, all the way pass the empty cafe, onto the deck area. (Cat calls, and whistles...) This is where the party is. The crowd in Sam's cafe are all packed on the decks. Why be indoors when you got the great bay view overlooking the San Francisco skyline? Furthermore, the weather's great but do bring along the shades, or else your eyes get punished by the glare of the sun. The shades do come useful for the people watching.

My Breakfast

Clam Chowder
The clam chowder here was not as cloying as those that I've eaten in Fisherman's Wharf (San Francisco). It made a nice breakfast soup that can fill the stomach yet not too thick and nicely salted.

Crab Cake Benedict
I've liked Eggs Benny and having it with minced Dungeness crab meat was a first. The sight of my breakfast already made me hungry. The sweetness of the Dungeness crab went well with the appetizing Hollandaise sauce.

I always feel that a good ambience enhance the dining experience. In the case of Sam's Cafe it was simply the good weather, scenic views and most importantly the pretty people that throng the area.

27 Main Street
Tiburon, CA 94920
California, USA
Tel : 415 435 4527
Sam's Cafe Website

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