Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flor Pâtisserie by Chef Yamashita

For Chef Yamashita cake fans who have followed him from Patisserie Glacé, you should have known by now that Chef has set up his own pâtisserie at Duxton Hill and present to you, Flor Pâtisserie. For fans of French inspired Japanese pastry, cakes and tarts, Flor Pâtisserie is a place that you need to visit.

I have to admit that I didn't visit Flor Pâtisserie on purpose. We ended up in Flor Patisserie when K-ki didn't have a cake that we can take away. We were told that the cakes available in K-ki have to be eaten in 45mins ???? In the cosy little pâtisserie, were a few small tables which were not enough for a crowd. I noticed K-ki's well wishing card pasted onto the board on one of the walls.

Apart from the cakes below, I tried the Cocoa Banaan, Mango Pie and Crepe Suzette. I'm not a cake person so I decided to describe only the ones I like and the one I don't like. I don't know how to describe the in betweens that weren't impressionable to me.

Fromage Blanc
Special Blue Berry Sauce encased in smooth rarecheese, set in citrus and almond tart base.
A cheese cake lover ought to love this creation. The almost cylindrical cheese cake was very soft but still manage to stay erect on top of the tart base and sandwiching the blue berry sauce along the way. I haven't eaten something like this before and the taste intrigues and attracts. I thought the salty, sour-rish taste of the cheese blends well with the sweet blueberry sauce. The tart base was all good for me. Wet damp interior with a gradation towards a crusty exterior. I love this creation from Chef Yamashita.

Another creation that I like from Flor is the Napolean. My iphone's camera certainly didn't justify the beauty of the Napolean. The Napolean had fresh strawberries, chantilly cream, soft sponge cake all sandwiched between 2 layers of pastry puffs. The only problem I had is eating this beauty gracefully. I tried forking it from the pastry top, which crumbles, and ended up smashing the layers up as the other layer of ingredients were soft. In the end I thought a spoon is more useful to me. I do like the taste of a good chantilly cream with fresh fruit like strawberry and this one really hits me on the spot.

Green Tea Opera
I fork at the G.T. Opera and still maintained my stand since the last time I ate Sun Moulin's Green tea cake that green tea is meant to be drunk. Green Tea Cake is one thing that I still haven't overcome. I didn't like azuki but I've overcome it from passage of time. Raw fish became one of my favorite but green tea cake seems insurmountable. I think I'm better off drinking my OSK green tea for my anti-oxidant fix. Green tea cake lovers you definitely need a second opinion here or look at the picture and go venture yourself.

2 Duxton Hill #01-01
Tel : 65 6223 8628


red fir said...

Green tea cakes are never good enough for me coz they always don't have much matcha flavor. I've got one bad review coming up next haha.

I've not tried Flor's green tea opera because it doesn't look too promising to me. Heard it's not too good actually.

Unknown said...

I'm drinking my OSK green tea now ....... That's good enuf for me :)


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