Tuesday, October 12, 2010

E Food and Wine ..... by John Erdos @ Dempsey

Hmm ...... E Food and Wine ??? That just cross my mind when HY suggested that we have dinner at this E place. When we arrived at the dinner venue, it dawn upon me that the E stands for 'Erdos'. So John Erdos, more known for his furniture gallery, has decided to expand his little haven carved out of the less crowded part of Dempsey Hill. And 'E' is located right beside his furniture gallery.

'E' serves food that's inspired from his mum's cooking out of Long Island, New York. Being in Asia for sometime, he decided to add some Asian twist into these dishes. At 'E', there's the choice of dining alfresco and close to the green rainforest or inside the comforts of the air conditioned dining room. We chose the latter and were glad that they have powerful air conditioning to compensate for the heat emanating from the spotlights that were used to create the warm relaxed ambience. The dining tables and chairs were made out of natural solid wood in John Erdos style.  We sat at the half of the dining room that was raised up on a platform and laid with a huge custom-sized carpet.

Furnitures and decors, that's John Erdos's expertise so there must be some minimal standards for ambience. As for the food, we thought it's good enough for a second visit.

Chicken Wings 
"We've dusted this classic with black pepper and sesame. Served with a spicy Thai dipping sauce and herbed fries." John's definitely serious about chicken wings. These wings were fried till perfect crisp and left to drip such that they didn't look or taste greasy. The coating of the sesame added that extra fragrant. The herb fries were the same as the shoestring french fries that we ordered as well. HY exclaimed, "This is gonna be another place for chicken wings and drinks!" (Always taking reference from Que Pasa's or No. 5's Chicken Wings)

Herbed Shoestring French Fries
"A generous portion of fries seasoned with basil". These french fries were nicely salted and better than McDonald's. This is definitely a compliment because I thought McDonald's served one of the best french fries. The basil was just a touch but not too much to let the fries loose its original taste. 

Tuna Steak
"Seared tuna with wasabi sesame seed crust. Served with garlic roasted potatoes and asparagus." This dish was commendable. The browned sesame seed indulged the nasal pleasure before the taste hits you. The tuna was cooked rare such that when I bite in it it's like eating blow torched sushi, with the tuna cooked on the surface while the core still uncooked but tender. The wasabi mayonnaise dip gave the tuna more complexity. I thought the garlic roasted potatoes tasted good too.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
"We stuff our boneless chicken breast with prosciutto and emmental cheese. Served with a bacon cream sauce". I haven't been eating chicken cordon bleu for sometime. When I saw it on the menu, I immediately made up my mind that it was going to be my mains. Overall, the taste of this dish was good. The prosciutto and the cheese used gave it a good rich savory taste. However, the chicken breast was over cooked. It was too tough. The waitress offered to bring it back to the kitchen and get it redone but there was only a morsel left. I smiled and wave off the offer. 

Service was quite good until the point where they served the mains. All our mains were served but HY's. When her Tuna Steak arrived , we were almost done with our mains. The waitress was apologetic for the service lapse and we jokingly ask for a discount. As a gesture of apology, HY's cappuccino was on the house. 

6C Dempsey Road
Tel : +65 6475 8806

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