Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Italian Indulgence in Basilico in Regent Hotel

We have looked at the delicious food photos, heard nice things about their food and I decided to organise one dinner gathering at Basilico to get an affirmation with our palates. Basilico is an Italian restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Regent Hotel. As we stepped out of the lift and walk towards the entrance to Basilico, the perspective of my vision opened up into a wide open space under a coat of warm cosy lighting. For a while, I thought it was impressive.

The dining area is spread out along the circumference of the circular layout centered around the antipasti buffet spread out underneath the impressive chandelier.
Basilico serves both buffet and a-la-carte authentic Italian fare. We came here for their "Basilissimo", The Best of Basilico, 3 course set dinner. The set consist of unlimited servings of the antipasti buffet spread, a choice of 13 signature mains and an unlimited servings of desserts. 

Everyone was served a piece of the wood fired magherita pizza to start our dinner, before we flock around the antipasti section.

Here's some of the antipasti available with unlimited servings ........


Smoked Mozzarella

Say Cheese .....

The cured cuts and the olives ......

I'm certainly getting my slices of the San Daniele Prosciuttos

Parma ham ..... Prosciuttos e melone is a must.

Here's the open kitchen where our mains were cooked.

Le Bombette al Tartufo Nero Noci, Pancetta e Rucoletta Selvatica - Angelo's Bombette of Grass Fed Beef Sirloin,  Stuffed with Black Truffle, Pork Pancetta, Walnuts and Wild Rockets. This was HY's choice of mains from the list in the set menu. The slightly charred exterior over the tender sirloin gave it bonus points. Together with the juice that secretes out with the mouthful was the scent of black truffles. The crunchiness of the walnut provides an added texture to the taste. Although, there's a number of ingredients  that were accompaniment to the sirloin, they didn't clout the taste of the beef but they all coexist in merriment..

Risotto alla Zafferano con Fegato Grasso in Padella e Riduzione di Barbera - Saffron Risotto with Pan Roasted Foie Gras, Barbera Wine reduction. If you like rich hearty food, this has to be the one. The deep yellow risotto had an intensely rich parmesan flavor that may be overpowering to one that didn't like cheese. To top off the richness was a generous piece of foie gras, pan roasted, lightly salted and within the seared faces were tenderness that melts in the mouth. If I haven't been overloaded with the antipasti buffet spread, I would have appreciated this dish even more. Chris thought this was over dose of richness but Jane actually thought it was good. The risotto certainly evoked different responses from its intense richness.

The Logan Almond Cake from Rive Gauche. It's not available in Basilico. We brought it to celebrate HY's birthday. Happy Birthday Darling!
This pistachio gelato was the only dessert that I have eaten from the dessert section after having HY's birthday cake. Pistachio ice cream here was really good and I thought as good as the ones I had in Italy. It's a pity that I didn't eat more of the rest of the desserts. They delectable choices that I didn't capture, really seemed alluring. Next time, I shall not have too much of the antipasti to leave space for dessert.

At the price we paid, I think it was worth all the authentic Italian goodies that we have eaten. The numerous slices of prosciuttos especially the San Daniele and the marvelous mains made this an enjoyable dinner. At S$65++ for the set dinner, anyone with a good appetite and an inclination for authentic Italian food would find the "Basilissimo" all worth while.

1 Cuscaden Road
Regent Hotel Level 2
Tel: +65 6725 3232

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