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Exquisite Cantonese Cuisine in Shang Palace 香宫

Although Dad prefers to dine in chi char style restaurants and the likes more than fine dining, I've taken the liberty to give him a birthday treat at Shang Palace, a Cantonese fine dining restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel helmed by Master chef Steven Ng. As we entered the restaurant, we were impressed by its opulence. Traditional Chinese touches on chandeliers made to look like lanterns. Large Chinese vases are placed at specific spots to flaunt but not to obstruct. Comfortable modern cushioned chairs around the round tables. There were several private dining rooms that lined one side of the restaurant. I knew that the doors to these rooms have effective sound proofing as the baby cries from a family inside one room got cut off as the waiting staff slides the large wooden door shut. All these provided an enjoyable ambience and comfort to enhance tasting pleasures for the exquisite cuisine.

We ordered some dim sum items that were really not too bad but they were simply outshined by Chef's Signature dishes that I've ordered. The cha siew bun has superb fluffy skin and I knew I had to eat the filling and give up the bun skin to HY. She just love eating bun skin. The fried yam dumpling had a twist to it. Curry was added to the filling. As I had mentioned, dim sum was good but the following dishes just got better.  

Signature Dishes from Shang Palace ...

龙骨炖花胶汤 Double Boiled Ling Cod Fish Bone with Fish Maw. As we scoop out the fish maw, we were pleased that it's a thick piece suggesting that quality fish maw was used for this double boiled soup. The double boiling brings out the sweetness of the cod fish bone. 

脆皮百花猪件 Crispy Suckling Pig with fragrant Shrimp Paste. Dad liked this dish best as the best part of the suckling pig, it's crispy crackling skin was creatively married to the shrimp paste. There was the sweetness of the shrimp coupled with the fragrance of suckling pig. The multitude of taste and texture made this a great novel dish.

竹叶糯米鳕鱼 Steamed Layered Cod Fish with Glutinous Rice, Dried Scallop and Crab Meat in Bamboo leaf. When this came I was real curious how the cod fish and glutinous rice were presented insed the wrap.
I flipped open the leaves revealing the thick chunk of cod fish over the glutinous rice.
When I dig in I realized it was a cod fish sandwich. Two big chunks of cod fish sandwiching the glutinous rice.  The portion was generous, perhaps a bit too generous as we were full by the time we finished this dish.

金宝田园蔬 Pastoral-style diced assorted mushrooms and vegetables in miso sauce. The miso sauce was a nice touch to bind this vegetarian dish making appetizing. The sweet Ginko nuts and the cubes of mock luncheon meat where ingredients that really stood out of this dish.

带子锅塌豆腐 Braised Beancurd with Fresh Scallop and Shrimp Roe. By the time we came to this scallop dish, all of us were up to the brim. Even though we managed to finish it, I don't think we gave the scallop a fair chance to satisfy us. We were all too full to be able to tell how satisfying this dish can be. The beancurd was so soft that it'll tear if you're not gentle with it. The scallop was sweet and tender.

果露香芒布甸 Chilled Mango Pudding. This was a pretty execution of the mango pudding with mango puree and then drizzled with vanilla cream.

养颜青柠芦荟果冻 Chilled jelly, green lime, aloe vera. HY's choice of dessert was a refreshing one that lift the palate and cleanse the savoriness from the mains that we had.

Service in the restaurant was at it's best. The tea pot never felt empty as the service staff filled them up without us noticing as we enjoyed our meal.

22 Orange Grove Road
Lobby Level Shangri-La Hotel
Tel : +65 6213 4473

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30am~2.30pm 
(Monday to Friday)
Lunch 10.30am~2.30pm 
(Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
Dinner 6.30~10.30pm

Shang Palace Website

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