Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mary's Corner Tau Kwa Pau 豆干包 ... Good Bean Curd Bun in Alibaba Eating House

Apart from Saveur, the budget French cuisine stall, there's also a popular street dish, 豆干包 Tau Kwa Pau or Bean Curd Bun in Ali Baba Eating House. Mary's Corner is the stall that serves this dish even before this coffe shop was renamed. This is actually deep fried bean curd filled with eggs, cucumber, mushroom drizzled with savory sauce. The filling is also used as toppings. What makes this street dish a crowd puller? There's the bean curd fried to good crisp and also the toppings that enhances the plain bean curd. This makes for a good side dish. S$5 per portion.

Mary's Corner is one of the food stalls in Ali Baba Eating House. In Chinese. "Ali Baba Eating House" can be heard as "Ali Baba is definitely good!" That's how the coffee shop markets itself in the Chinese language. 阿里巴巴一定好!Well some food in Ali Baba Eating House are definitely good!

125 East Coast Road
Ali Baba Eating House Stall 3

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