Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grin Affair ... To discover why the cohesion of dessert, cake and aglass jar makes you grin.

The most interesting food in Everton Park used to be Ji Xiang's Ang Gu Kueh who has been in the "Park" for a long long while. That has changed now. 2012 sees two new"passion" businesses set up shops in the laid back Everton park which is actually 4 blocks of old 12 storey HDB flats. One of them is Nylon Coffee Roasters that served coffee with their passion for the drink. The other is Grin Affair which was actually recommended by Dennis of Nylon Coffee Roasters when I was "harassed" by him during one of the chit chats at the coffee roaster over a cup of coffee. Grin Affair started serving desserts and cakes in glass jars and the demand has gone viral ever since they started opening their doors in March 2012.

It was my third trip to Grin Affair. The doors were closed on my first visit. All goodies in jars were sold out on my second visit. Finally, I was elated just this evening when the young lady owner told me that they still got some left for me to bring home. Lugging these 2 jars of pretty goodies set me grinning, almost prancing like a little kid, as I made my way from Grin Affair to my car parked along Blair Road. Yippee!

Here's the Maron (Chestnut) flavored dessert. Chestnut mousse with soft vanilla cake over baked crust. When I took it out from my fridge to enjoy after dinner, I could anticipate some intense chestnut flavors. The contents in the jar didn't disappoint me. I went after it like my greedy little kid who continues to suck air after he empties the contents in his milk bottle.

I got the Lychee Passionfruit with Sea Salt Pistachio for HY as she prefers fruity flavors for her cakes and desserts.  The lychee asserted it's presence over a milder tinge of sour from the passionfruit. I thought that the sea salt pistachio was a nice touch but HY thought it would suffice without the nuts. This is their new flavor. If you find this interesting, do check their website for updates on their new flavors and the many other interesting flavors that they are serving.

My empty jars were washed and ready to be returned to Grin Affair for recycling the next time I'm knocking on their doors in search of new flavors. When you accumulate 20 of these little tickets, you can exchange them for a jar of goodies. 

As Everton Park is the half way point between office and home, I guess there will be more pit stops in future. Somehow lugging that two little jars of dessert home brought a grin in me. I hope it rubs on you too!

3 Everton Park
Tel: +65 8282 7375
Grin Affair Website

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