Wednesday, July 18, 2012

瑰夏 Geisha Specialty Coffee ... Delicate Pour Overs ... Bold Espresso

I can't wait to be released from In-Camp-Training. Not because I dislike the camaraderie and activities but rather the below par coffee that I got in camp. Enough of yucky coffee for the day! HY and I walked over to Burlington Square from my parents' place to pick up some dinner takeaways from Fatty Restaurant. Before acting on our primary task, I staged a detour into Geisha Specialty Coffee, just around the corner from the restaurant, to purge the bad and refill with the good.

Geisha Specialty Coffee is operated by a couple from Shanghai, Wang Tao, the boss, barista, coffee roaster and Elsie who serves and greet us as we entered the cosy cafe.

They got a good range of coffee from neighboring Sumatra Aceh, to the much sort after, Panama Geisha, Blue Mountain and Coffee Luwak.

I settled with a pour over of Panama Geisha and HY tried their cappuccino. The Geisha was aromatic, taste of citrus, honey and had an absolutely smooth finish. It was an excellent cup of silky smooth coffee. Wang must have caught me gurgling the iced water before taking a sip of the Geisha and then slurping to extract it's flavors. Seeing me enjoy his coffee, he sprang up from his chair where he was previously fiddling with his laptop looking uninterested with the going-ons in the cafe and then engaged me in a conversation. I can tell from our dialogue in my rusty Mandarin that this man is passionate about his coffee. I may not agree with his over balanced cappuccino which he mentioned was for the typical milk based coffee drinker who wants to take acidity out of the equation, but I was drawn by his resolute expression of how he wants his coffee to be. And that is to be unique and to stand out. At this point, he offer me a complimentary four blend espresso that was bold, spicy, smokey, intensely acidic and I thought had an aftertaste of cognac. It's his new blend that had rested for only 2 days. I thought the espresso had made his point.

I would very much like to hang around to learn from him but my detour from dinner takeaway better end before folks at home started cursing from hunger pangs. There can always be another day for coffee talk.

175 Bencoolen Street
#01-55 Burlington Square
Singapore 189649
Tel : +65 9833 2845

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