Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trattoria L'Ancora ...... Great Italian Cuisine especially the pasta!

With consensus, the decision was for non-Chinese dinner this Saturday evening. We didn't plan ahead, with no advanced reservations. It's up to the mercy of Saturday night's restaurants to allow any form of indulgence. Trattoria L'Ancora popped out with high ratings on the food search and they had a table for us. Lucky us and being adventurous paid off this time.

Trattoria L'Ancora is a 40 seater restaurant. It's definitely casual else we would have been booted out for donning our bermudas and sandals. Business was brisk and tables were all filled. I was impressed when the waiter came, took all our orders and remembered the correct allocation of food items for each one of us., a sign of good service. One more plus point. Trattoria L'Ancora requires the 10% service charge but absorb the 7% GST.

The following are the dishes that I liked and would recommend;

Mushroom Soup
The mushroom soup was great and was thick with tiny bits ofminced
mushrooms and some sliced ones. It went well with the warm
bread that was served to us. We did order the minestrone and seafood
soup. The other 2 soups did not impress me. I'll just stick to my own soup. Slurp!

Prosciuttos e Melon (S$18)
Slice of rock melon and Gherkins topped
with San Daniele Parma Ham

We must have been the most boring people. Everytime when there's
prosciuttos with melons, we'll just fall for it. Just liked the taste of
savory parma ham slices with the sweet refreshing melons.

Tagliolini (S$20)
Handmade pasta with shrimp and its own
bisque and rosemary in pink sauce.
The word "bisque" must have caught HY's eye and she was rewarded.
Tagliolini was made very tangy, like ramen and the bisque sauce was
marvelous, like thicken lobster bisque.

Fettucine (S$24)
Braised rabbit meat with handmade flat egg
pasta thyme and Tagatoscue olives.
The rabbit meat was quite like chicken, only much tender and the shreds were
finer. This dish's other impressionable ingredient was the Tagatoscue olive. It
taste so much like the refined version of the sauteed bean paste in Chinese
cooking. I almost licked the plate clean. Haven't had such good pasta for a long while!

Grilled Pork Loin topped with
Scarmoza in Marsala Wine Sauce (S$32)
This dish was the days special. Apart from the tenderness of the
well grilled pork loin, the wine sauce really tickled our palates. The
sauce in this case, really made the pork loin stand out.

Magherita (S$16)
This's another dish that we had to order like its our duty to do so.
It's W and J 's nostalgic food that reminded them of their enjoyable trip in Italy.
We all know that magherita is one of the simplest of all pizzas but to make it
taste good needs some skills. All I can say is Trattoria L'Ancora made it well.
But can we try some other flavours next time?

We were all so full that we skipped dessert with absolute regret. They looked damn delicious on neighboring tables. We'll definitely be back for the sweet stuff! Our mains came a long while after appetizers were served. Even though the mains were worth every minute of waiting, we were served a complimentary tiramisu. A nice gesture on the part of the restaurant. No .... its a ploy. The tiramisu was to get us coming back for more!

Address : 789 Bukit Timah Road
Tel : +65 6467 3778
Opening Hours : Daily
Country : Singapore
Trattoria L'Ancora Website


red fir said...

Ok... I'm positively sure I left a comment here (unless you didn't approve it boo)... but this place looks like a must-try!

Unknown said...

I don't think I received the comment. But I'm sure going back for desserts at least. Try not to sit near the entrance ..... it seemed like a dead zone for the air conditioning.


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