Friday, March 12, 2010

Chi Ji Wan Ton Noodle Specialist 池記雲吞麵家 .... Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

If ever there's some one who had the patience to follow my food diary, you would have known that I have some affinity for wan ton noodles. So, when I was in Hong Kong, the land of wan ton noodles, how can I not look for good ones? After tasting all the hand made ones over in Hong Kong, the good ones in Singapore just drops down a few notches in my personal list of wan ton noodle experience.

池記雲吞麵家 Chi Ji is another wan ton noodle specialist that is awarded the Michelin guide recommendation. However, when compared with
Tasty's wan ton noodle, we thought that the soup from Chi Ji wasn't as rich and the wan ton not as succulent. Don't be mistaken. Chi Ji's wan ton noodle was good but just wasn't quite as good as Tasty's wan ton noodle that we had a couple of days ago.

Fried Wan Ton
This fried wan ton was crispy and tasty, I thought it was better than the wan ton in the soup.

Crab Porridge
This was the signature dish that we ordered. Even though Chi Ji is a wan ton noodle specialist, they are recommended in the Hong Kong's Michelin guide for this dish, the Crab Porridge. The porridge was nicely presented inside a wooden container. The porridge had the sweet taste of the crab and crab roe. The porridge was smooth and fragrant. A 'must-try' at Chi Ji.

I was looking under the shell to look for the crab roe that I love.

紅白 'Red and White', bean curd with red bean paste
The waitress, an overly helpful lady, recommended the 紅白 'Red and White', bean curd with red bean paste for dessert. The bean curd was very smooth and the red bean paste had the slight orange peel taste that made the mix of taste really wonderful.

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84 Percival Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel : 2890 8616

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