Sunday, April 25, 2010

Suju .... again @ Mandarin Gallery

Boring as it may seems, I came back to Suju with HY again.This time Suju got their official menu which is definitely more comprehensive than the soft launch menu and their Annin Tofu is still there on the dessert menu!

The Japanese service staff were still there, the service still tip top and the prices still up to Mandarin Gallery's standards. Some people complained Suju of 'exhorbitant' pricing but I thought 'exhorbitant' was too strong a word. Put it this way, nothing is relatively economical in the Mandarin Gallery. From this second visit, I still think it's worth spending my dough for an overall dining experience in Suju (but not too often to prevent breaking the bank).

Sashimi (3 kinds)
HY and I ordered a small plate of fresh sashimi. There was akami, kanpachi and hirame. Not only was the sashimi freshly imported from Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, even the wasabi was freshly grated and not the wasabi paste off the tube.

Kaisen Chirashi
Like I do not have enough of the fresh sashimi, I went on to order the chirashi set. On top of the sushi rice, there was the salmon roe, scallop, hirame, kampachi, akami, salmon, mushroom and egg. The sushi rice was lightly salted and I thought it was good sushi rice texture. The set came with miso soup with shredded fried egg and seaweed. This was good stuff but I had to benchmark this to Inagiku's chirashi (my best, so far), which was unfair of me. Inagiku's chirashi set was about 3 times more costly.

Shake Chazuke
HY ordered the Shake Chazuke which is Japanese rice in soup with salmon and ikura. The salmon was grilled to perfection and then placed on the 'Saku' rice mixed in soup.

A close up of that yummy salmon perched on top of the 'Saku' rice. The gohan sets in Suju uses 'Saku' rice. 'Saku' rice is imported from Saku in Nagano, an 'A' class area nominated for producing rice. This 'A' class Japanese rice just got its flavours enhanced by cooking in Suju's handmade bronze pot.

Oyako Tamagotoji
This dish was actually stir fried chicken, egg, mushroom and tofu in an iron pan. A great dish for sharing and complimenting the good 'Saku' rice.

We were told that this dish goes well with the powdered chilli that was nicely packed inside a rectangular wooden container.

My Finale ...... Annin Tofu
Like I said in my last Suju entry, I'll be back for this dessert .... Here I go ..... SLURP!

333A Orchard Road
#04-05/07 Mandarin Gallery
(65) 6737 7764


red fir said...

Your chirashi seems a bit spartan hahaha. For a good value chirashi with quantity & adequately good sashimi, try Yoshida's chirashi at lunch ($38 net) available daily. Standard has dropped a little since long ago but still is very good value for money. Or Kaiho's at $28++.

I see you like oyakodon alot. Have you tried Torisho Taka at Gallery Hotel? They are like the rolls royce of yakitori, pricey but really excellent. What people tend to overlook is their humble oyakodon. Because they are a chicken specialist, the chooks are imported live & only slaughtered in the mornings so imagine how fresh they are. Yakitori is only available at night but try the oyakodon at lunch. It's really excellent.

Mr. Pineapple Man said...

looks so good!! yummy~

Unknown said...

To ice & Mr. Pineapple : Taste great indeed. but Suju's definitely not the value for money place.... Fortunately they have nice tasting rice.

To ice : Yeah would definitely go try your recommendations but all in good time ..... all in good time ... I need to go for a body check up before going for the onslaught again :)

RamenLover said...

Their service kinda suck though.. The manager(the one with black blouse) has some problem with her attitude>:(


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