Friday, June 4, 2010

榮茂茶室 Yong Moh Dim Sum.... affordable dim sum and good pork bun

After a good night's rest, we all managed to wake up at 8am for Dim Sum to check out if the recommendations from the June edition of Her Style magazine's hold any truth. When we arrived at the place, I already liked what we saw, people filling up the tables in a old pre-war shop house and best of all, there was one big table waiting for 8 of us and the dim sum place is full house. There's no reservation here.

When we were at the table, the service staff spare no time in showing us the dim sum on a tray and we just took as many different types to fill the table. The dim sum stuff here was good for the very economical price that we paid. Eight of us ate to our fill and the result ..... RM56.

I would have to put the spot light over the meat bun. We saw a few old ladies at a table behind us eating only the meat bun. You know the feeling when you look at other folks table and peek at that special dish that they eat and you tell yourself that you have to try that. So we ordered two meat buns and we had to reorder again because they were so good. HY and I tried to share one at first and as I tore the bun into half, we realized that we spill the essence in the bun. All the juice that was locked up inside the bun spill out. When I ordered another one I started to eat it like how I eat the 'Xiao Long Bao', suck out the juice then eat up the bun. The bun was soft and the meat tender and tasted so good

Along with the dim sum food, there was even a plate of Ampang Yong Tau Foo.

32 Jalan Tukang
(Near Jonker Street)
Melaka, Malaysia

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