Friday, January 7, 2011

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary .... for a flush of nostalgia.

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery is more like a coffee shop that sells cakes and pastries. The confectionery sits in one of the conservation shophouses near the East Coast road and Joo Chiat road junction. The two times we visited this 'old school' confectionery, there's always many people. What pulls them here?

During my first visiting the afternoon, all the cakes and pastries were swipe out like there's going to be war and I'm the last one here to try to get some food. All the trays sitting on the shelves were empty! So we waited for a table to have some coffee and bread, typical of a Hainanese coffee shop.

This time round, we came on a Sunday morning and the place was equally packed but there were cakes and pastries available on the trays. We grabbed a couple of curry puffs and custard puffs to be boxed up for a takeaway.

Our box of Chin Mee Chin Curry Puffs and Custard Puffs

The custard in the puff pastry.
This is 'old school' custard. Not the popular choux that comes from
the French-Japanese 'schools'.
Chin Mee Chin Curry Puff
The puff was tasty and had good texture. The curry filling
was red with taste that I prefer to be slightly more savory.
I guess I must have been spoiled by the popular choux creme puff pastry. The 'Old School' custard puff from Chin Mee Chin, to me, was more like a reminiscence of that delicious custard puff that mummy bought for me when I was still a kid. Now, the word to describe these custard puffs is "nostalgic" more then "delicious". Among the custard puff and curry puff, I prefer the curry puff for the puff texture but I prefer the filling to be more savory. However, I'll still visit Chin Mee Chin just for 'old time' sake. Somehow, sitting inside a conservation shop house, sipping traditional Hainanese coffee and eating 'old school' cakes appeals to me.

204 East Coast Road (between Joo Chiat Road and Still Road)
Tel : +65 6345 0419


red fir said...

I actually prefer this type of custard puffs from old school confectionery shops. Must make it a point to visit CMC one day to imbibe in nostalgia.

Unknown said...

yes ..... with a cup of coffee and in the coffee shop :)


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