Sunday, March 13, 2011

豬扒包 Pork Chop Bun in Hong Kong and Macau

Our travels to Hong Kong and Macau, apart from the draws of shopping and the casinos, have to be food. And one of the popular food that I'll definitely have during our trips will be 豬扒包 Pork Chop Bun. This pork chop bun is known to originate from Macau but we can also discover good ones among the streets of Hong Kong.

Typically, the pork chop bun consist of pork chop sandwiched between 2 halves of a bun. There are several good ones that we have eaten and each has some differentiation from the other. It can be the use of different buns or a different ways of preparing the pork chop. Among our group of friends, we have differing preference for the different pork chop buns we had. Take your pick!

My all time favorite would be the 豬扒包 pork chop bun from 蘭芳園 Lan Fong Yuen in Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong. The well seasoned pork chop is sandwiched with soft sesame hamburger bun with tomato and some mayonnaise. Along Gage street, there's 2 stalls, somehow I prefer the pork chop from the newer stall that is a few stalls further down Gage street (from the end nearest to the Mid Levels Escalator). The pork chop at the newer stall seemed to be juicier.

One of our friend Adeline, will always visit 翠華 Cui Wah for her fill of 豬扒包 pork chop bun. The 翠華 Cui Wah's bun taste like a small baguette. The pork chop wasn't as flavorful as 蘭芳園 Lan Fong Yuen's but the baguette does make it taste good in a different way. On top of that, there's a pickle in addition to the tomato slice sandwiched with the pork chop, giving it a different twist to my default taste of pork chop bun that I have already associated with 蘭芳園 Lan Fong Yuen's. The 翠華 Cui Wah that we patronized was in Jeffe Street of Causeway bay, nearer to the end of the street where fashion walk and Excelsior hotel is located. However, 翠華 Cui Wah is a  'char chan teng' chain where outlets span throughout Hong Kong. So it may not be difficult to locate one near you.

Across the waters, in Macau, where 豬扒包 pork chop bun is popularly known to originate, there is 金馬輪 Kammalon, located near to Senado square. 金馬輪 Kammalon serves freshly made to order 豬扒包 pork chop bun. The bun are all freshly baked and the pork chops pan fried as you order them. Although, the pork chop us a bit greasy, it was really tasty. Even William and Joanne who chanced upon Kammalon on a separate occasion thought they were good!

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