Saturday, July 2, 2011

Retasting ....... Taste Paradise @ Ion Orchard

It's been a while since Taste Paradise have shifted from Mosque street to Ion Orchard. We're back here hoping to rekindle the experience of the taste from paradise. In their previous abode, among the conservation shophouses in Mosque street, Taste Paradise had a smaller dining areas and functions primarily as a business restaurant just like, Andre, Majestic, Oso, Absinthe, located nearby. In Ion Orchard, the patrons seemed to be more "touristy". Beside my table, there were 2 big tables of Indonesian Chinese and I noticed only eating all the top end signature dishes in the menu.

I've heard some complained that standards have dropped since the shift from Mosque street. Contrary to what I've heard, food was good. I find a slight lapse in service though. It could be the fact that Taste Paradise used to be smaller  and service a more impatient business crowd. Now that it has a bigger space, even though with an atas address, service seemed to be less prompt. At the end of the dinner, the manager may come to the table to market their loyalty programme. If you think that you'll be going back at least once more, the perks of the programme would already give a good discount.

Classic Superior Shark's Fin in Supreme Broth accompanied with Crispy Spring Roll - Apologises to all shark conservationist ...... but this classis superior shark's fin in the supreme broth was really good. The double boiling extracted all the essence from the shark's cartilage that was used. We ate the cheapest portion with the least shark's fin. It noticed that this classic dish that was served in the same type of stone bowl as in the earlier days in Mosque Street. However, this time they serve the pepper and red vinegar as condiments. During those days, we were politely advised by the waitress that the chef would highly recommend that this dish to be eaten as it is without other condiments. Some things remains the same but some certainly change.

Taste Paradise XO Carrot Cake - XO Carrot Cake here is still one of the best but I wonder if it's just my preference of eating in the Mosque Street's Taste Paradise, I find that this carrot cake lacks that more fiery "wok" fragrance than what I had before.

Honey Glazed BBQ, suckling pig and roast duck. - This dish was not too bad, but I think I can give it a miss next time. We can have similar standard from Canton-i. It's just that you pay lesser there.

We shared a portion of the XO suace fried rice, which I didn't remember the name but don't get me wrong it's good and it looked like this.

Other than Taste Paradise, Paradise Pavilion has been added to the group's fine dining portfolio with Peking Duck as the restaurant's specialty. The shark's fin in supreme broth was not available in Paradise Pavilion though.

As for Taste Paradise, apart from the slower service and a change in address, food was still like the Taste Paradise of old. For a fine dining experience, it's more than being enticed by sense of taste, somehow dining in Taste Paradise in that smaller more private ambience appeals to me more than the present Taste Paradise.

2 Orchard Turn
#04-07 Ion Orchard 
Tel : +65 6509 9660
Paradise Group Website

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