Saturday, January 7, 2012

Traditional Putu Piring (Formerly at 12 Haig Road) move to Onan Road and now back at Haig Road @-@|||

Recent Update 22 Apr 2012 : stall is now back in Haig Road. #01-08 Haig Road Food Centre
The stall seems to be bouncing around quite a bit since it's shifted from the stall in a coffee shop in Blk 12 previously.

Slightly more than a year ago, I tried this traditional Malay kueh kueh at 12 Haig Road. It's no longer at 12 Haig Road. I called the owner who told me that the stall is nowone block away at Mr Teh Tarik Cafe in a Hotel 81 along Onan Road. However, there was no queue at all. There was a long queue at the old address. They are still selling Putu Piring at S$1 for 3 pieces. However, the size have shrunk almost to the size of typical Kueh Tutu since the last time I tried. It still taste delicious though. Since the size have shrunk, I have taken the liberty to eat one of HY's share while she's asleep. Sssh don't wake her up. 

A friend ask me what's the difference between Putu Piring and Kueh Tutu. Well someone has did some research into the origins if you care to read.

Here's the link to my last food diary entry for Putu Piring at the address about 1 year ago. Click Here.

14 Haig Road
#01-08 Haig Road Food Centre
Tel : 9688 3067

Opening Hours : 11am~10pm daily.

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