Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get Addicted by the Addictions Cafe

Every time we drive out of  Dempsey Hill via Dempsey Road, we'll pass by the old abode of Oosh that used to be one of the most hip wine and dine place on Dempsey Hill. The private car park use to be lined with posh marques like Lamborghini and Porsches. Oosh closed down since July 2011. A  more tranquil revamp job puts Addictions Cafe in place of Oosh. This cafe is just opened in March 2012 and is already trying to get all of us addicted. We have the honor of "booking the whole space" on Good Friday morning thanks to the late morning downpour. Eat Eat Eat members' turn up was 100% despite the not too ideal weather.

This is the expanse of space outside on rustic wooden platform under ceiling fans that is perfect for a breakfast if the weather holds up well. Views of the water pools and the surrounding greens will make that weekend morning more relaxing. As we were the only group of people in the cafe, there's no doubt that we got perfect service as all attention were put on us. After our meal, the weather cleared up a bit and the little angels among us went out to explore the water feature among the greens.

We took comfort in the shelters of the cafe, protected from the downpour. The only misgiving about the place is the use of spot lights. I think spot lights are not friendly for a relaxing meal as they are too harsh on the eyes.

Got ourselves a little nook beside the table to park little Julien's car. Glad that he was behaving well on his first outing and we can still enjoy our brunch.

In order to attract family crowds, there must be something on the menu that can appeal to kids.  The category of milk shakes was spot on. Which kid would reject a good milk shake? Lactose intolerent ones not included. Here's the Strawberry Milk Shake, smoothly blended and topped with a cherry. I am a coffee person that love peanut and Nutty Coffee Sor, a coffee, peanut butter milk shake, just knocked me flat. Little Vic was supposed to share her strawberry milk shake with J but poor J was mostly deprived. There are 3 more other flavors under their "Virgin Shakes" category. Kids or Adults alike, with these potent shakes, nobody's weaning off milk just yet.

Truffle Fries with Rhubarb Ketchup. There's no need for the Rhubarb Ketchup as the truffle oil and grated parmesan cheese already held it's own. The Rhubarb Ketchup is more perky in sourness than the typical bottled ones. This is another favorites for all the little angels on our table. When I say little angels, it's me included :P Cos I was grabbing away the fries with the little ones until we all thought that another portion was in order. 

Crab About You is the Almond Crusted Soft Shell Crab with wilted spinach and hoi sin lim chilli dressing. That was some impressive starter to start us going. It's a big enough portion to share among a few people.

Half Game is a slow baked, salt rubbed, half spring chicken stacked over fine beans, corns and barley, then drizzled in basil oil. Tricia had this, she's the eldest angel among us. She sure love this chook. I wanted to steal some from her plate but she shielded it like a mother hen would protect her chicks.

Under the Sea - Crustacean Sandwich with arugula salad, straight cut fries and rhubarb ketchup. HY just mentioned that the crustacean chunks with mayonnaise was great but he bread was a bit hard.

Gabi, Baby! - Korean short ribs with stuffed baked zuchinni and citrus scented cous cous. Short rib was sweet and tender. J mentioned that it was the most presentable mains on the table. Almost forgot to mentioned that there was a small dish of kimchi at the side ...

... Here's the zuchinni, potato and the cous cous. Overall the dish was good but I wish the cous cous was more tasty than it was scented.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza (10") - mozarella, Dnanish blue, brie and gruyere cheese. Chris ate 4/5 of the pizza and gave me one. I'm not a gourmet cheese fan so I couldn't tell how good it taste but if the cheese didn't turn me off, it's good enough for me.

22 Dempsey Road
Tel : +65 6476 5961
Addictions Cafe Facebook Page


red fir said...

Awww... Baby Julien's first star appearance on this food blog. (: Starting him young. :P

Unknown said...

He needs to get use to these makan trips regardless of sleeping time or feeding time. :)

Food for Kids said...

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