Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nylon Coffee Roasters ... enjoy your cuppa while being "harassed" by the barristas


red fir said...

I like the way you do up this post. (:

dennis said...

lovely post, especially your annotations!

Unknown said...

Ice : It's my food diary and there's no fixed style. Thanks.

Dennis : Thanks and the coffee at Nylon is lovely too!

Unknown said...

Hey Slurp,

I would really like to visit this shop to get some of their beans! Can you tell me how much did yours cost, and if you know how frequently they roast their beans?


Anonymous said...

I just visited Nylon and the coffee is aromatic and flavorful!

And I walk around that area and found out there's alot more hidden jewels there!

Unknown said...

Hi Eesha I forgot how much it actually cost, but a bag of 250grams i in the range of S$13~18, depending which blend or single origin that you choose. They roast their beans in small portions and frequently so that folks like us are assured of its freshness. Do give the friendly folks a buzz if you want to know if the beans are available as they fly off the rack real fast. Cheers have fun in Nylon.

Everton Park has certainly added more hidden jewels recently. :)


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