Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nespresso Lattisima+ ... Simplicity and Indulgence

*photos provided by Nespresso via Crowd Pte Ltd

I had seen a prototype of a home espresso machine more than 10 years ago in my ex company. Coffee was contained in a fabric like material that forms the capsule and of course the espresso was purged out from the capsule with pressured water. The idea was nouvelle given it's form and aesthetics but the market then wasn't prepared for it and it died a natural death. Then came Nespresso some years later with classy marketing campaigns and suits toting sales representatives manning swanky brew bars and boutiques. This breathe new life into the home espresso machine market with a value proposition so affordable and yet with designs that are both fun, appealing and most importantly, promising the ultimate convenience of espresso from merely pressing a button. At the moment I'm a co-owner of Nespresso Citiz together with friends in my office. Citiz is one of the simplest range that do not have the milk compartment. I would like to have one of their top end Lattissimo at home, like my sister, who's able to put to host her "Tai Tai" friends by pressing a button to churn out cups of cuppucinos with one hand and at the same time carrying little Rachel, my cute little niece, with the other hand. Recently, the good folks of Nespresso brought in the Nespresso Lattissima+ that I thought have a perkier design than it's predecessor and come with a loud and sexy Passion Red.  This gives me a chance to get do a one up on my sister haha. 

If I'm ever getting one, it has to be now. The Lattissima+ retails at S$688 but with the Great Singapore Sales, you are going to get a $80 discount. 

*photos provided by Nespresso via Crowd Pte Ltd

Here's the Passion Red Lattissima+ that would be the centre piece on my island kitchen top if I'm getting one myself. To get the extra impress factor, I'll get all the  grand crus lined up neatly in the "cigar box" that Nespresso retails and then flip it open to a guest as if I'm offering a stick of cigar.

*photos provided by Nespresso via Crowd Pte Ltd

For the one who thinks you're sophisticated yet you're not the showy kind,  the Ice Silver Lattissima+ would suit you.

For sharing the new "chio chio" Nespresso Lattissima+ with you, the kind folks of Crowd Pte Ltd gave me this little Lattissima+ Recipe book. I call it little because there's only 8 recipes in it. All the recipes will of course apply the use of the Lattissima+. I'll share one of the Tiramisu recipe.

1. Naora for Hazelnut Cappuccino
2. Latte Macchiato Coffee
3. Iced Spicy Coffee with Milk
4. Iced Vanilla Coffee with Caramel Drizzle
5.After Eight Coffee Minty Moments
6. Delightful Coffee Liegeois
7. Creamy Coffee Custard with Caramel Sauce
8. Coffee Tiramisu Indulgence

If you'd like some or all of the recipes ... please drop me an e-mail and I'm more than happy to share them with you. 

Coffee Tiramisu Indulgence Recipe

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