Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tori King by Ramen Keisuke ... Chicken Broth Ramen from Chef Keisuke Takeda

The word 'Tori'in Tori King means chicken and Tori King is the newest Ramen shop that Chef Keisuke Takeda brought to us ramen 'xiao' (colloqial for crazy) people. Taking off from the successful Tonkotsu King in Orchid Hotel, the Tori King has the same well liked concept whereby you can choose the extent of hardness for the ramen, the greasiness of the broth and also the intensity of the broth. Instead of the pork broth from Tonkotsu King, Tori King uses the chicken broth. This ramen shop is located in the new 100am shopping mall right beside the Amara Hotel along Tanjong Pagar Road.

The decor is all set in the 60~70s theme, invoking the warm, intimate homey feel when pace in Japan was more relaxing.
My Green Spicy Tori King Ramen was served in normal tasting chicken broth, normal amount of chicken oil and normal hardness of the ramen. The green spiciness is the familiar Japanese wasabi sauce that was spread over the chicken leg. At $16.90, this bowl of ramen came with a big slice of char siew, a hard boiled egg with the yolk still runny and a huge piece of seaweed that when soaked in the broth, gave the ramen more texture and flavor. The wasabi when mixed into the broth, heightened the flavor of the chicken broth and added some perky spiciness.

I fished out the leg of chicken that made the money spent on the bowl of ramen seemed so worthwhile. The chicken leg is simmered in broth and then grilled to a nice brown just before serving.The simmering resulted in the tenderness of the chicken meat that slides off the bone.

The spicy chilli sauce is the recommended condiment to go with the chicken leg.

Here are the complimentary. All you can add bean sprouts and hard boiled eggs. An extra Normal or Low cholesterol egg for you?

#03-15 100AM
100 Tras Street
Tel : +65 6604 6861
Ramen Keisuke Singapore Facebook

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