Tuesday, January 13, 2009

かに道樂 Douraku .......... A popular Crab chain in the Kansai region

Everytime HY and I walked past Doraku, the mechanised crab above the entrance will start waving its legs at us, beckoning for us to walk in. Doraku has 3 outlets along the Dotomburi food street. All of them has at least a 30minutes to 1 hour wait. The restaurant do not have a common dining area where you eat with the rest of the patrons. We were ushered into a private Japanese room with tatami. A dedicated kimono clad waitress served us throughout our crab feast. 

In Japan, snow crab can be prepared in 3 ways; grilled,  sashimi and boiled in a hotpot. We've chosen a set that prepares the snow crab in all 3 ways.

The snow crab sashimi. The meat is sweet.

An extra serving of the sashimi crab ........

This is the other way that I like the snow crab prepared. By grilling .......... Add a little bit of lemon and the taste is already heavenly!

This is the plate of raw ingredients including the snow crab that is ready to be dunked into the suki hot pot to be boiled.

I'm so obsessed with eating this feast and totally enjoying that I forgot to take shots of the hot pot and the setting of the room. Any way, the service is tip top. there is even a intercom in the rom for you to get the waitress attention.

Douraku is a chain for snow crab feast. they are also in Tokyo. I saw one outlet in Shinjuku San chome.

Cost : about 12000 yen for 2 person

Address : Namba Osaka, At the junction of Doutomburi and Shi sai bashi.

Country : Osaka, Japan

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