Thursday, January 8, 2009

かつくら Katsukura for Tonkatsu ............. Kyoto, Japan

Katsukura is a chain that serves good Tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is the Japanese term for pork cutlet that is fried with a coat of bread crumbs. This Tonkatsu chain takes pride in serving good quality pork loins and fillet cutlet.

The pork cutlets that was served to us are lightly breaded and extra care was taken to drain excess oil before serving. the breaded crust is crunchy and the thick cutlet is still succulent on the inside. Here's the close up .......

Before your order is served, you are expected to prepare your own sauce that goes with the pork cutlet. A pestle and motar will be provided to grind the sesame. There are 2 jars of sauces provided on the table. The thicker sauce is the one that is used to mix with your grinded sesame. The other thinner sauce is used on the shredded cabbage that comes with the meal. This thin sauce with the cabbage makes the meal more appetising.

The Fillet Cutlet and Prawn set (Cost : 1750 yen) that I've ordered.

The Snow Crab Cream croquette and Fillet Cutlet set (Cost : 1729 yen) that my wife ordered.

The snow crab cream croquette is so tasty that we ordered an extra. The following is the close up of the snow crab cream croquette (Cost : 600 yen)

Every set will come with unlimited servings of miso soup, cabbage and barley rice.

Apart from the sets that we ordered, Katsukura served the specially selected Katsu Zen. You have a choice of ordering the Yonezawa Sangen sirloin cut or fillet cut in 70, 120 and 160 grammes portions.

The interior of the restaurant is cosy and the service is friendly and prompt.

Address : 16 Ishibashi-cho, Sanjo-dori Kawaramachi nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City

Country : Kyoto, Japan

Opening hours :
Weekdays and Sundays 11:00am~9:30pm (Last order at 9:00pm)
Saturday 11:00am~10:00pm (Last order at 9:30pm)

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