Friday, February 20, 2009

China Restaurant 中国餐厅 ......... for skewered lamb

Ever since I came back from Yunnan China, I have been thinking of the skewered lamb that I went crazy over. there's one particular street in Kunming that temporary stalls were set-up just to sell this skewered meat. There's chicken, beef and lamb but I liked the grilled skewered lamb best.

So tonight, I chanced upon the grilled skewered lamb 串羊肉 right in Chinatown in Singapore. The lamb is skewered and then grilled with spices sprinkled over the meat. The spices is what makes this meat tasty.

Grilled skewered lamb (S$1.00 per skewer)

Apart from the skewered lamb, the pork rib noodles 排骨拉面 is not too bad. The soup is tasty but not salty. Most importantly, the meat of the pork rib is infused with the stew and it's so soft that it just fall off the bone.

Address : Corner shop at the junction of New Bridge Road and Mosque Street.

Country : Singapore

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