Tuesday, February 3, 2009

福寿司 Fuku Sushi Osaka style boxed sushi .......... Osaka, Japan

福寿司 Fuku Sushi is located along Shinsaibashi, the long shopping street in the Namba area of Osaka. The sushi place is known for their Osaka style boxed sushi, Hakozushi. This type of sushi is made inside a wooden box called oshigata and hence you can see that it is more rectangular than the typical sushi. This box is used as a mold to form the box shape. First the sushi rice is  placed in side the base of the box. The ingredients are also carefully sliced into small squares or rectangulars and then laid onto the rice. This usually ends up a much bigger piece of sushi which is then cut up into bite sizes before serving.

With the Osaka boxed sushi you can even see a half and half. For example in one of the photos below you can see a sushi that has temago (egg) and prawn in halves onto top of the sushi rice.

The rectangular ones are the Osaka style box sushi. The round ones are typical futomaki.

The window display shows the mock-up box sushi before they are cut-up into bite size...........

Fuku sushi's stall front ..........

Address : Osaka City, Central Shinsaibashi, ichome 4-19 大阪市中央区心斎橋筋1丁目4-19

Tel : 06-6271-3344

Opening Hours : 1100 ~ 2030

Country : Osaka, Japan

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