Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oso Ristorante ........... Italian Cuisine right at the fringe of Chinatown

HY have been gloating to me everytime she's been eating at Oso. The first time that she started dining there, Oso was still in Tanjong Pagar. After some mild chiding from me, it's only after a year or two that she finally agrees that we go there for dinner and Oso has already relocated to Bukit Pasoh.

Oso is managed by Stephane Colleoni (general manager) who teams up with head chef Diego Charini . Together, they made Oso, one of the finer Italian diner in Singapore.

When HY and I were there this Friday evening with a couple of our close friends, we were impressed that the place was full house. Glad that we made a reservation.

The following are dishes that we tried and would recommend.

1) Affettati “Cold Cuts”

Parma ham “prosciutto” 18 months served with rock melon - $22
These shaved Parma ham was a delight for all of us. It's thinly sliced and lightly salted. Very tasteful indeed.

2) Zuppa "Soup"

Mixed seafood and fish soup in tomato base “cioppino” style - S$16

Thick mixed mushroom soup served with “porcini” mushroom - S$12

3) Carne “Meat”

Roasted venison loin “capriolo” with red currant berries and caramelized apple - S$34
This is the main dish that I've ordered. It is a unique dish whereby the sweet berry sauce is spread ove the tender venison.

8 hours oven baked lamb rack “agnello” with black onions and green beans - $34
It's tenderly soft!

4) Vitello & Manzo “Veal & Beef” - I did not eat these but HY and my friend likes it.

Slowly braised veal shank “Ossobuco” with lemon gremolata and potato puree - $34

200 Gr. Roasted beef tenderloin “filetto” with sabayon, asparagus and shaved truffle - $48

5) Dolci Freddi "Cold Dessert"

Frozen bourbon vanilla parfait “semifreddo” served with caramelized strawberries - $14

Mascarpone cheese “tiramisu” cake with espresso coffee, biscuits and cacao - $14

About the restaurant ........

Oso is located in a 2 storey shop house along Bukit Pasoh Road, at the end nearer to New Bridge Road. The first floor is the Cigar Room where guests can linger for some drinks and to puff their favourite cigars. The main dining area is on the second floor. There's a choice of dining in the comforts of the main dining area, or at the Balcony, where there's full view of the street downstairs. No air conditioning here though. Oso provides private dining for various sizes to cater for the special occasion.

Service in Oso was good considering that it's full house on a Friday night. Even, before we start on the Parma ham that was served to us, Diego came to wish us bon appetito. After we've fininshed our mains, Stephane came and check if everything was good. But of course! We asked him for the desert menu. After this (here's just my observation) ....... Stephane walks over to the waiter that was in charge of our table and talked to him. Then the waiter came to me and said, "Sir we'll gladly serve you complimetary desert if you'll proceed downstairs for the desert". It seems like a good deal that you may be hand picked on a full night to be served complimentary desert (only to be served at the drinks area downstairs). I declined politely as I wouldn't like the hassle of shifting seats after we've been comfortably settled down for most part of our dinner. I guess we all knew what's up but I have to apologise that we're not feeling all too gracious this Friday night. I'll like to say I enjoy my dinner here! Thanks to HY for her recommendations.

Cost : about S$100 per person for a full meal including a glass of wine.

Address : 46 Bukit Pasoh Road

Country : Singapore

Website :

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Sapuche said...

These posts and your food photos really make me wish I were in Singapore right now. Singapore may just have the best food in the world. But I'm sure you realize that!


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