Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pong's Laksa House for Special Seafood Bread Laksa ...... good twist to the Laksa

I have two faces, one side a food lover, almost glutton like. The other side of me, a gadget geek. So geeky me need to visit the recent IT show whether or not there's anything for me to buy. Parking is usually a nightmare during this annual event. Fortunately, I managed to park in Marina Square and decide to have lunch at the Food Loft. When I stepped into the Food Loft, geekiness left and gluttony took over just like in Jekyll and Hyde.

I'm visiting San Francisco again in a fortnight's time, so I was already thinking about the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. This is when I saw the bread bowl of laksa over at Pong's House of Laksa and decide to have it to settle my lunch. 

What you can see below is my order of Pong's Special Seafood Bread at S$5.50 per serving. Inside the bread bowl you can see vegetables at the bottom. The fish slices are stacked over the vegetables. Right at the top you can see the prawns. The laksa gravy is served in a separate bowl so that you can pour as much as you like into the bread bowl. This presentation of laksa is quite a novelty for me. It taste good too. I would have liked it more if the laksa gravy is thicker and spicier. 

Here's what my friend ordered. He's feeling kind of sick of prawns and ask to replace the prawns with cockles. The obliging stall owners created this for him. Very kind of them to customized their house specialty.

Apart from selling laksa, they welcome interested parties to ask to franchise their food.

Address : 6 Raffles Blvd Marina Square Food Loft #04-101

Tel : 68755026

Country : Singapore

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