Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beard Papa ....... Probaby the best choux la creme in Singapore

Choux la creme is a pastry dessert originating from France as the name suggest. I haven't visit France yet but I've tasted many good choux la creme in Japan. Japanese are crazy about French pastries and choux la creme is one pastry that they can make real good. Last December, I've been "sniffing" the basements of Japanese shopping malls (their food sections) in search of good food and have found a couple of good choux la creme brand names that cause long queues.

Back in Singapore, Beard Papa is probably the best in choux la creme and the Beard Papa Chain happens to be a Japanese franchise. The choux (pastry) that they make are consistent and most appealing is the filling that  is pumped into the choux. Every one is freshly prepared as you order them.

I did a takeaway and then "smuggled" them to Spinelli's coffee at The Heerens. The choux la creme go very well with the Spinelli's daily roast. No sugar is needed to extract the best coffee frgance. The complimenting sweetness from the choux la creme goes very well with the coffee.

Original Cream Puff with vanilla custard (S$2.20/pc)

Eclair cream puff (S$2.50/pc)- Chocolate coated with vanilla and cocoa custard

Cookie Choux Cream Puff (S$2.50/pc) - Cookie crisp coat with vanilla custard

Country : Singapore


red fir said...

Heya, you should try Tampopo Deli's choux la creme (cream puff). It's really alot more delicious than Beard Papa's, best in Singapore (not probably). It's very popular and get sold out immediately when they're out of the bake. Do try it. :)

pigpigscorner said...

I love this too esp the green tea =)

pixen said...

I tasted Beard Papa at my hometown before but was disappointed with the Vanilla cream...each time there's lesser and lesser vanilla seeds inside compared to days before.

Chocolate cream is so-so. My other half tasted it and not so keen at all :-|

I think the original Beard Papa in Japan tasted better-my friends said as well.

Unknown said...

Well that's the best I have so far in Singapore. Ice (see 1st comment) is showing me another place that has better choux la creme. I'll have to go try! :)

yixiao said...

mmm... love Beard Papa's cream puffs wayyy more than Tampopo Deli's

Unknown said...

YX:Me thot Beard Papa was better too until my wife's choux puff beats them all :)


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