Friday, May 1, 2009

Kuriya Dining @ Great World City

It's been sometime since Kuriya Dining was relocated from the 2nd floor of Great World City to the 1st floor. HY and I decide to eat in a  place nearer to home and yet fulfilling after a week of work. We remembered ranting about visiting Kuriya Dining again and decide, why not now!

The service in this GWC outlet is good, the staff was prompt and we like it there and of course the food Kuriya serves is the main draw. Kuriya @ Shaw Center was where I had eaten good Japanese food from Kuriya. Since then, they have started a Kuriya Dining that provides a more exquisite dining experience than the more casual Kuriya outlet @ Shaw Center.

The Kuriya brand name resides under the umbrella of the  RE & S Enterprises Pte Ltd. which have several other different  specialised  Japanese food like Shimbashi Soba and Fiesta Sushi factory.

So we had these 3 dishes and a soba. We enjoyed all of them ......

Scallop and Herb Roll (S$15) - The sashimi scallop is wrapped inside the maki and then sprinkled with the herbs that makes it smell real fragrant, when its near my nose and before I pop a piece into my mouth. The center piece in the middle of the dish is actually deep fried sliced lotus roots. Crunchy stuff!

A close up of the scallop and herb roll.

Soft Shell Crab and Japanese Sweet Potato (S$14) - The 2 pieces of soft shell crab are stacked with Japanese sweet potato slices in between. The soft shell crab is made really nice, crispy on the outside the taste of the chewy texture of the crab inside.The Japanese sweet potato is made soft and the sweetness is smooth. The sauce at the side of the dish, sprinkled with pepper corns,  goes well with the crab.

Kuriya Seafood Isiyaki Nabe, Soup Hot Pot (S$38) - The hot pot is filled with fresh scallops, prawn, salmon, mushrooms, lettuce, some some other fish that I cannot name. The soup base is lightly salted coupled with the sweetness of the sea food inside the pot.

Address :  1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-28 Great World City, Singapore 237994

Business Hours : 11.30am-2.30pm (Last order 2.15pm), 6.00pm-11pm (Last order at 10.00pm)

Country : Singapore

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