Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spruce @ Phoenix Park

Despite reading negative feedback about Spruce from some local food sites, I still decide to venture to Phoenix Park with HY and another friend. My Sunday dinner experience at Spruce was far from negative. 

Spruce's owner, Chef Travis, trace his roots to the Wine Garage in Dempsey. His Wine Garage burger had made quite a name, so I'm sure you can find his Spruce signature burger somewhere in the menu.

The restaurant's design evokes a rustic atmosphere, combining the raw zinc finishing at the ceiling with wooden structures and then finishing off with a wooden platform that is raised above the ground. The lighting is soft and cosy. The ambience of the place, casual and relaxing. 

Although being close to the greens is one of the highlights in Spruce, we asked to be seated inside with the air condition as I'm still transiting back to the hot and humid Singapore weather after a spending 10 days in San Francisco. 

While we were seated, the restaurant was quite empty, saved by a couple of filled tables at the alfresco dining area. 15 minutes later at about 7.15pm, the place started to fill up.

Food and Drinks that we tried and liked;

Whole Roasted Snapper with Herb Salad and Lemon Jam (S$23) - The Snapper is uniformly roasted with some light salt. It's simple yet tasty even without the Lemon Jam. How can I not finish it all?

Crispy Fish and Chips with Tatar Sauce and Lemon (S$21) - The crispy fish taste good although we thought that its a lot browner than the standard "golden brown". Everyone agreed that the fries are good. I think it's a good compliment for fries in Singapore especially after tasting some superb Belgian fries from Frjtz Fries in San Francisco recently.

Steak Frites, Bearnaise and Herbed Chips (S$29) - My friend, who knows a good steak, thought that Spruce's steak is not bad but all of us likes his frites. It taste good but different from the fries in HY's Fish and Chips.

Caffe Latte (S$6) - My caffeine shot after dinner is all rich and good but I still prefer the "getting shot" at Jones the Grocer, which is my benchmark.

Judging from the kind of food that's served at Spruce and the service that we had, I wouldn't mind another visit.

Cost : About S$40 per person

Address : 320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park (Opposite the Brunei Embassy, near Margaret Drive)

Tel : +65 68365528

E-mail Reservation :

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