Saturday, April 25, 2009

二重丸 Izakaya Nijumaru ...... an authentic Japanese food restaurant

Izakaya Nijumaru is one of the Japanese restaurants in Cuppage Plaza to cater for Japanese clients who visits Cuppage Plaza for entertainment. In Japanese, Izakaya would mean a drinking establishment that serves food. These type of establishment is typically quite informal. When it's suppose to be informal, I really don't understand why some folks still insist on getting a good service. If you'll like a good service, don't visit an izakaya, go to a real restaurant. It's called an izakaya for a reason, its lively, very informal character. Please pardon me if I sound like I'm siding with Nijumaru. HY and I had our dinner here on our first date.

Although an izakaya should be serving drinks primarily, but many patronise Nijumaru for their food. Business must be quite good as it takes up quite a big part of the 2nd level of Cuppage Plaza. 

The grilled chicken balls here is a must try. This similar dish I tried in Satsuma is good to but I prefer the sauce that they use here in Nijumaru. Ever since a friend introduced us to this place, we'll order this dish everytime we come here. (I did not do this dish justice by taking a very bad photo with my camera phone. I've left my camera at home.)

For anyone who loves garlic and pork belly, this should be your dish. Good spicy garlic mixed with the pork lard. The taste is simply "out of this world".

Bacon wrapped over leek. I must say this is quite good.

The potato salad here is smooth and soft. Being smooth and soft makes most people think that the carbo content is lesser. Wrong. I heard from a friend that the softer and smoother it is means that more butter is mixed with the potato. Whatever it is ....... butter and potato are my friends.

I put this dish last on the page as not everyone is not as crazy as me for pork belly. I had the grilled version ealier and now this is the stewed version. It's so soft that you can just take it apart with a pair of chopsticks. The mustard enhance the taste.

It's a little crazy ..... but right after dinner, HY, me and our company of friends went for a food massage "party" just right at the corner where the restaurant ends. We have enough people to book the whole foot massage place for the hour. I'm just glad non of us puke. For folks who's reading this, please do the massage prior to any heavy food session. I'm not liable for your actions ;)

Cost : About S$20 per person.

Address : 5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, #02-10

Tel : 62356693

Country : Singapore

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