Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Food in San Francisco - Sabella and La Torre @ Fisherman's wharf

Fishermans' wharf is a major tourist spot and is a must visit place in the San Francisco bay area. There are plenty of activities along the wharf like a cruise to the Alcatraz, watching the sea lions at Pier 39, visit the chocolate specialist in Ghiradeli square.

While touring the wharves, the most obvious choice for food is seafood. There are many seafood restaurants located alongside each other at the Fisherman's Wharf. After trying several along the stretch, I would recommend Sabella and La Torre. My colleagues and I who have been travelling to San Francisco for business agree that they are the one of the best along the stretch. Sabella and La Torre is not as expensive a the others but yet serves good food.

Sabella and La Torre restaurant .......

Inside Sabella and La Torre .......

Have one of the clam chowder in sourdough bread (US$7.25). This is a popular soup around fisherman's wharf.

The Shellfish combo (US$26.95) provides a variety of their fresh seafood. In this platter, there are chilled steamed prawns, fresh oysters, clams and some dungeness crab. The dungeness crab is a species of crab that's common in the waters around the region.

The fried calamari (US$10.75) is quite good. It's not over fried so much that the squid loses it's tanginess. Some lemon over the calamari makes it taste better. I always find that lemon accentuates the taste of seafood better than chilli/hot sauce or ketchup. However l always believe in eating my food without condiments if they come fresh. The condiments can come later.

After trying the dungeness crab, I think the Alaskan crab or the equivalent hokkaido king crabs taste better for chilled steamed crabs. The dungeness crabs do taste good when made into crab cakes. McCormick and Kulettos makes good dungeness crab cakes but they are much more expensive.

Sabelle and Latorre's may not be the best seafood place that I have tasted but it's definitely one of the best in the area. The others around seem too touristy to serve good enough food. That's if you trust me on this.

Cost : about US$ 25 per person

Address : No. 3 Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California

Country : San Francisco, California, USA

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raquel said...

excellent! for the best cioppino, i vote for Cioppino's on the Wharf just around the corner from Sabella and La Torre.


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