Sunday, July 5, 2009

Durian Season is here! ...... whether you hate it or love it. Part II : The Cat Mountain King 猫山皇

This trip to another temporary durian stall (See Part 1 for another temporary stall in Redhill) came about as my brother-in-law had won my money over a game of mahjong. So I coax him into treating us a 猫山皇 Mao Shan Huang (translated as Cat Mountain King). The 'Mao Shan Huang' is a premium variant of durians imported from Malaysia. It is priced at S$12~18 per kilogram. My BIL led us to a temporary durian stall in Stirling Road that is able to deliver the different premium durian variants. You'll need to call to make an order though. We arrived at the stall at 2:30pm to ensure that we get the fresh durians.

Temporary Durian Stall Sign
Sign showing the different variant of durians available at this make shift stall.
The stall is erected right outside a convenience stall that sells 凉茶 'cooling' herbal tea.
How appropriate to neutralized the 'heatiness' of durians.

At 2:30pm the truck from Malaysia came to drop it's shipment of durians.

The basket of 'Mao Shan Huang' right in front of me.

Mr. Chua, the durian stall owner helping us with a 'Mao Shan Huang'

The 'Mao Shan Huang' 猫山皇
I noticed that this variant has a wider thorn base such that the spikes are seen as further apart ehen compared to the D24 (another premium durian). We got one and it cost us S$33 (Thanks BIL).

A section of the 'Mao Shan Huang' when we open the fruit up.

One piece of the 'Mao Shan Huang' that was going into my stomach.
The texture is much creamy and dense when compared to the other variant.

How we enjoy durian party : So like drinking wine, you start with bubblies, to the white, may be a Merlot, then to a Shiraz. In the Durian World, you eat may eat the D24s, D100, before going for 'Mao Shan Huang'

Address : Blk 169 Stirling Road #01-1165

Mobile Phone : 9103 1038 (Mr Chua)

Country : Singapore

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