Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lobster Porridge @ Orchid Live Seafood

It was my dad who called to my attention, the restaurant that he visited with his colleagues along Jalan Kelulut (one of the tributary road of Yio Chu Kang Road). The next chance we had, we got our family there for a tasting. Not knowing what to order, we decided to go for the S$168 set dinner which has the popular lobster porridge as one of the dishes. After visiting the restaurant, all of us thought that the only dish worth a mention was the lobster porridge.

Orchid Live Seafood's Lobster Porridge
HY's a porridge lover and even she thought that this lobster
porridge was good, even though there was a little too much MSG.
One pot of the porridge was able to feed all 6 of us.

This is one of the bigger sized lobster that was fished out of the pot.

Steven's Chicken
This is another one of the restaurant's signature
dish. But I don't really thought much of this dish.

At S$168 for 6 people, food is considered economical at the place. However, don't expect good service at the restaurant. We waved our "invisible" hands at many busy waitresses until my dad decided to walk over to the cashier to get their attention. I noticed that there were quite a lot of people patronizing the restaurant at such a 'rural' address even though I thought that their service and food were nothing worth a lion's roar, except for the pot of lobster porridge.

Address : 16 Jalan Kelulut

Tel : 9636 1909

Country : Singapore

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MaryMoh said...

Really love all the pictures. Look so mouth-watering. Keep posting.


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