Sunday, August 2, 2009

Okonomiyaki or Okos from Botejyu

Botejyu was founded in 1946, post world war II era, in Tamade Osaka. It is now an Okonomiyaki chain that orignates from Osaka and out to many major cities in Japan. Botejyu has a number of outlets in Singapore now. We managed to be attracted by the open restaurant concept on 2nd floor of Liang Court that is right beside Trung Nguyen Coffee. Coffee will be right after our brunch at Botejyu.

Botejyu's batter mix and the sweet and spicy sauce are essentials for their good Okonomiyaki. In addition, they claimed to be the first to introduce using white mayonnaise into the world of Okonomyaki. Mr Kurita, president and CEO of Botejyu Group, decided to call his okonomiyaki, Okos, in Singapore and hope that it becomes a new trendy name for this traditional Japanese street food that have transcended with time.

Botejyu explained the health benefits of okonomiyaki in an interesting write up about dieting with Okonomiyaki. If it's going to work, I think the restaurant chain is going to be full of health freaks. Try the okonomiyaki diet if you believe it! Just hit the gym if it doesn't work on you (So easy for me to say hor!)

Looking at the list in the menu, you'll be amazed by the number of "patterns" that can be created out of this Japanese street food. The following are only a few that we've eaten. I thought they were as good as Okonomiyakis that I've eaten in Osaka.

Seafood Yaki-Soba (S$12.80)
(Squid, Prawn and Scallop)

Moonlight Special Okos (S$14.80)
Okonomiyaki with Pork, Squid, Prawn and a Sunny Side Up Topping

Mochi and Cheese Okos (S$13.80)
Okonomiyaki with pork, mochi rice cake and cheese

Address : 177 river Valley Road, Liang Court, #02-32/33 (There are other outlets in Orchard Central, Vivo City, Tampines 1, Jurong Point)

Tel : +65 6338 8557

Opening Hours : Daily 11.30am ~ 10pm (Last order at 9.45pm)

Botejyu Website

Country : Singapore

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