Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seafood extravaganza in Kan Eang @ Pier, Phuket

There was no missing Kan Eang @ Pier when we hit down the right street. The modernistic red sign board stood out among the establishments (if we noticed any other establishments) around the area. We came prepared to splurge as this this seafood place was recommended by the Luxe guide. However, it turned out that the food, ambience and of course, our company of friends made it all worth the money spent.

Dining area of Kan Eang @ pier
We only observed alfresco dining in the area. The only air conditioned
section was what seemed like a lounge bar in a thatched roof, glass
wall, hut right at the backbround of the photo.

This was the quaint, relaxed Kan Eang pier view right at
our sides while we take our time to eat our seafood lunch.

Pier Basket
The ingredients in the basket were dates, carrots, chestnuts,
chicken, cashew nuts and peppers all pan fried into
this colorful mix. This is one of the signature appetizer dish
that the restaurant has to offer.

Grilled Pork Belly
If any one followed my food diary, it wouldn't take long to notice
my inclination to pork belly. For a seafood place, this dish was
atrociously delicious. Oink!

Grouper in lime and tamarind sauce
In Phuket, we can't get enough of lime and tamarind. Every seafood
restaurant we went would recommend fresh fish to be cooked this way.
Extra sauce/soup at the side was standard procedure.

Grilled Giant Tiger Prawns
These crustaceans were a hot topic in Singapore for being over priced
and some people claimed they were "ripped off". These prawns weren't cheap
in Phuket but definitely much cheaper and fresher than those we eat in
Singapore. How can we not have some of these!

Our Medium sized Lobster
Our 1.5kg catch, a live lobster from one of the tanks that housed
medium sized live lobsters. the big ones should be at least 2kg.

Lobster Thermidor
One half of the this creature was transformed into a lobster thermidor.
The lobster meat was mixed into this cheesy creamy sauce that we thought was
too filling considering the many other dishes we had before this finale dish.

Garlic and Butter Lobster
This half of the lobster was more receptive to everyone. Even if we burp,
it had to be a controlled gentle burp, else we'll do a "merlion" in Phuket.
We should have suggested a lobster sashimi to taste the
real sweet tenderness of this shelled crustacean.

Thai Chilli Dip
I can't help but to compliment this dip sauce that made this
meal so appetizing. It really went well with seafood.

No sea side meal would be complete without
the cooling fresh coconut juice.

If you ever been to Bali, Indonesia, and "enticed" into the seafood restaurants along Jimbaran Bay, do not fret. Kan Eang @ Pier was definitely not the place where you will drop your dough and left unsatisfied. We had our fill for lunch and most part of dinner. Nobody in the group hinted any serious dinner after this. Burp!

Cost : About 6200 Thai baht for 4 persons

44/1 Viset Road, Moo 5 T. Rawai A. Muang, Phuket, Thailand 83130
Tel : +66-0-7638-1212
Country : Phuket, Thailand

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