Sunday, November 8, 2009

Street Food in Phuket

Apart from the restaurants that we crashed, we haven't really ate much street food in Phuket until one evening we spotted a little cluster of street food stalls at Patong beach. Lunch at Kan Eang @ pier was too filling so we had something light at the noodle soup stall.

Noodle Soup
Thai noodles cooked with radish pork balls and
"cha siew". The soup was light but sweet.

Noodle Soup with pork
The pork meat provided with the noodles were from pig trotters
where the meat was stewed till an utmost tenderness. HY was
stealing some from my bowl of noodle soup with pork.

Sweet Coconut and Corn Dessert
These 8 pieces of dessert was all wiped out in matter
of minutes even when everyone claimed that they were full.

I haven't been doing enough research to track down the street food in Phuket. So, there was no one else other than myself to blame for missing out on more Phuket street food. There must be more street food in Phuket than these!

Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi
(between the junction of Thanon
Phrabarami and Thanon Hatpatong)
Phuket, Thailand

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