Saturday, January 30, 2010

皇冠小館 Huang Guan Restaurant for Crab Porridge and Shrimp Roe Noodle - Macau

Armed with simple topology knowledge with a simple map (without the many side streets), we managed to walk to our hotel from Senado Square. Along the way, we pass by Rua da Campo and spotted 皇冠小館 Huang Guan Restaurant. The shop front was decorated with photos of celebrities that visited the restaurant. The photos showing their crab porridge attracted me. We returned the next morning for brunch before our onslaught in the casinos.

There are two main highlight dishes in Huang Guan restaurant; the crab porridge and the shrimp roe noodle.

Shrimp Roe 'Wanton' Noodles
The 2 main ingredients worth mentioning are the hand made "bamboo pressed" noodles and the shrimp roe. The noodles from the restaurant are traditionally made using the "bamboo press" method, resulting in a tangy texture. Shrimp roe were generously sprinkled over the noodles. This gave the noodle it's highlight taste.A friend ask me where can I find good wanton noodle in Singapore. Having tasted, quite a few good ones in Hong Kong and Macau, the supposedly good ones in Singapore pales in comparison.

A Close-up of the 'wantons'

Crab Congee
The crab that Huang Guan cook with the congee are local sea crabs that is not as meaty as the Sri Lankan crabs but the flesh of these crawlies are definitely sweet and tender. The congee was infused with the sweetness of the crabs. HY would definitely like this one. Too bad she wasn't here with me.

There were about 5~6 crabs in this medium sized bowl of congee that was good enough for 2

Inside Huang Guan Restaurant, photos of celebrities line the wall. It must be popular!

澳門水坑尾街 308-310 號A地下
Tel : 28372248

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