Saturday, January 23, 2010

Superb Duck from Imperial Treasures Super Peking Duck Restaurant

Minjiang's Peking Duck was the one that I can always name when someone ask me for a Peking Duck recommendation in Singapore. Now, after a visit to Imperial Treasure's Super Peking Duck Restaurant, I think there might be a contender for my top spot for Peking Roasted Duck. This Imperial Treasure Peking Roast Duck Speciality restaurant is coincidentally located on the 5th floor of Paragon Orchard, right across the Crystal Jade Golden Pavillion.

Needless to say, we ordered a whole duck for 3. Ade was glad that we were able to get hold of one duck. They ran out of the duck when her colleagues came the last time. The perfectly roasted duck was brought to us on a trolley and the chef started to slice the whole duck for us. Over at Super Peking Duck, the chef carves out the crispy duck skin with the duck meat such that there wasn't meat left for the typical complimentary duck dish to use up the duck meat.

The Restaurant's Speciality (S$68)

We were told to eat the first few hot crispy duck skin by simply dipping into fine sugar. Delicious!

Here's how I typically prepare it before eating. Place the cucumber stick, spring onion and duck onto the 'popiah' skin (thin flour skin). Drizzle with some char siew sauce or, in some other restaurant, their specially concocted sauce and then roll it up and pop it into my mouth.

One full duck is quite plentiful for 3 people so we only ordered a soup and a fried rice to go with the Peking duck.

Service cannot be bad here as they are right across the Golden Pavillion (Crystal Jade's premium dining). As we walked into the extrance, it opened up into a main dining. We were led to the private dining area. On the left of the corridor is a stretch of 'private dining cubicles' and on the right, private dining rooms that can accomodate more people. HY and I were glad that we were ushered into one of the private dining cubicle that is big enough for four to be comfortable. Sliding doors isolate noise from the corridor. The seats are plush and comfortable. The only nuisance (to the waiteress) is that the doors have to be opened and closed whenever our dish arrive. I thought it is a good idea for a small business meal.

290 Orchard Road
#05-42/45 The Paragon
(65) 6732 7838

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it indeed looks like a very very good peking duck


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