Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak @ Adam Road Food Centre

When I arrive at Adam Road Food Centre for lunch, The most obvious queues were at the Nasi Lemak stalls. There were queues for the two Nasi Lemak stall and Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak was one of them. Selera Rasa's stall will be difficult to miss as it is the only stall in the whole food centre to install a LCD screen that flashes their menu. What attracted me to the stall was the how they name their Nasi Lemak sets. The "Royal Rumble". Impressive name. The stall was given an "A" rating so don't worry too much about any "rumble" in the stomach.

The "Royal Rumble" set - S$5
The set lunch consist of a chicken drum stick, a chicken wing, an egg, an 'otak', 2 'kuning' fish, 1 'bagadil' (potato patty), some 'ikan bilis' and of course, their fragrance 'lemak' rice. I liked the 'lemak' rice that was fragrance but not too strong with the coconut. The 'kuning' fish were good too, crispy and not too much tumeric powder added.

I find the chicken wings to be only average. It's not that they are not tasty, but not as crispy as the ones at Changi Point Food Centre and I prefer the chicken drumsticks from Alexandra Village Food Centre (I was told that it's closed for renovation now until the end of the year).

Alfresco Adam Road Food Centre

There were no lack of good food at Adam Road food centre and can be crowded during lunch time but I'll be back here for some more slurping action.

2 Adam Road
Stall 2, Adam Road Food Centre
Open Dail : 7am ~ 10pm

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