Thursday, April 29, 2010

逸群鸡饭Yet Con Chicken Rice @ Purvis Street

Yet Con is one of the few original Hainanese food operators in Purvis Street that has tested time with Old Swee Kee (not in Purvis previously but at North Bridge Road) leaving the fray and then New Swee Kee re-entering. Even after years from my last visit, when HY and I still weren’t banded by ‘The Ring’ that rules them all, the facade of this chicken rice shop still remains the same.

Dedicated to all 'Breast' men
We sat at the table and realized that all of us (4 men) prefer chicken breast. So, it's a unanimous order of an all breast chicken lunch. Yes. I’m a ‘breast’ man. The chicken breast is a part of the chicken that gets dry easily from cooking, especially when Yet Con still adopt the traditional way of cooking the chicken without the ‘cold water’ dip that many chicken rice places have already applied to make their chickens more tender. Although not as tender as Maxwell’s Tian Tian, it was still tender enough nevertheless.

Garlic chilli and the Grated Ginger Dip

The garlic chilli and grated ginger has been the standard dips for the Hainanese chicken rice. Their chilli wasn’t as hot as I like though. I saw a couple of Caucasians at one table. Maybe it’s meant to serve their taste?

Inside Yet Con ... Got Air Con

25 Purvis Street
Tel : 6337 6819

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