Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hatched ..... Some Eggy Breaky

Epicurious Singapore magazine placed Hatched as one of Singapore's top 10 breakfast places even though, base on some local food reviews, many would disagree. We've tried Jones the Grocer, Cafe Hacienda, Kith Cafe (all these names are in the same top 10 list of the Epicurious Singapore magazine) and we have to try Hatched to see for ourselves the disparity in opinions about Hatched. For egg lovers, Hatched must be the place to visit, for its a cafe with EGGs as the main theme.

Hatched is located along Evans Road, in Evans Lodge (previously known as Eusoffe College), an old building amidst greenery. I thought one of the best thing in life is having simple breakfast in a nice relaxing environment. The wooden tables and chairs helped in creating just that environment. There were a couple of the long communal wooden tables right in front of the bar counter that can accommodate a family breakfast or a gathering of a group of friends.

2010 Catalog of Eggs
2010 Catalog of Eggs is Hatched menu which looked like a comic book. In it, there are the list full of egg dishes that Hatched serve.

Usual Suspects
Enjoy 2 eggs one style, bacon, ham or sausage, toast, and a freshly squeezed juice, coffee or tea. The sunny side ups were cooked well and the yolks were still runny. The bacon and and hams were how HY liked, slightly browned and not charred.

Smoked Royale
Half an English Muffin topped with smoked salmon, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce, served with homemade mashed. I had asked for extra chorizo sausages to add to the standard Smoked Royale. The smoked salmon, the only obvious savoury in the stack above the muffin, tasted quite good. The Hollandaise sauce somehow tasted weak in lemony proportion which I thought a more sour taste would make this dish better. The chorizo sausages splattered a little red chilli oil as I cut through them. It was a little spicy but tasted pretty good.

Hitched Me Up
A balance of the yin and the yang, sweet and the savoury, enjoy 2 eggs one style, choice of 2 meats (bacon, ham or sausage), waffles, toast freshly squeezed juice, coffee or tea. This is one dish in the menu that one would order if you are in love. At least it was what the menu suggests. Hatched created this dish for the couples, the love birds. W and J ordered this to share. Looked like they're pretty much hitched up even though Vic (their little princess) is already past a year old!

Savoury ......

Sweet .......

The latte looked promising but ended up having too much milk that it made the espresso felt weak.

I thought breakfast food in Hatched just OK and nothing too impressive about their egg dishes to match the creative names they tag to them. Also, my mouth was not good enough to pick up anything special about the eggs except that the sunny side up were executed well with that still runny yolk. However, having breakfast in the relaxing ambience at Evans Lodge did make it a rather nice experience. I find the service at Hatched not too bad, contrary to some reviews that I read. So will Hatched be your favourite breakfast place? Good or bad, go try it and decide for yourself.

26 Evans Road
#01-06 Evans Lodge
Tel : 6735 0012/13

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red fir said...

It's so much easier to do sunny side ups than poached eggs. I also can fry nice eggs hahaha. Seems like Hatched still haven't improved much since I last visited, last year.


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