Tuesday, June 1, 2010

肥李 Restoran Lee .... crab specialist in Melaka, Malaysia

One of the hotel counter staff, Bill, who scored an 'A' with us for service, gave us some recommendations for good food. I can tell that he actually been to those places that he recommended by the way he can describe them. Bill pointed us to a crab specialist right at the entrance into Majestic hotel private car park (at the rear of the hotel) which was perfect venue for dinner as most of us were just slurring from our late afternoon nap or massage.

肥李 Restoran Lee was more like a local 'chi char' shop tucked under a shop house with 'no-frills' plastic chairs and foldable wooden table. The ambience was lively, very casual and also, no air conditioning except for wall mounted fans.

Lining on the wall of the restaurants were the different pictures describing the many ways that Restoran Lee can serve us our crabs. We chose the popular ......

鮮奶螃蟹 Fresh Milk Crab
This crab was cooked with milk sauce with the extra tint of piquant. The sauce wasn't too thick and hence it didn't feel at all cloying. A plate of toast was ordered for swiping up the sauce for a complete enjoyment of this crab dish.

鹽焗螃蟹 Salt Baked Crab
I prefer the way this crab was prepared as compared to the fresh milk crab. The sweetness of the crab came through with the salt that went with baking this crab.

Even though we did enjoy the crabs, I thought that they were a bit over cooked. The meat at the claws just made it over the edge of tenderness. However, the meat at the body where it joins the legs were alright. Don't think we can complain for the price we paid for the crabs. We ate only crabs for 'appetizers' and left Restoran Lee for Newton Hawker Centre for our mains. You heard me right. There is also a Newton Hawker Centre in Melaka.

Tel : +60 19 361 2008

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