Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bocksan, a Kobe patterserie with OIISHI cakes ........ Kobe, Japan

The first time we came to Bocksan was in Winter 2008. Following the guide book, we argued about the directions, we got lost and we finally arrived at Bocksan which was actually quite near to the Motomachi in Kobe. HY and I always have these many little tiffs and arguments which baffled many people. Do we have so much differences that we always have to argue? 

On the contrary, I think we are both very alike. We are just both opinionated and we are both born to be Indian chiefs. Even if we have our little tiffs and arguments, we know that we'll always find that inner peace, common direction, common goal towards that juicy tender beef steak or that heavenly dessert that melt in our mouths and in turn melt our hearts. 

We did arrive at Bocksan in the winter of 2008 after a tiff over who knows the correct direction and in the end, the cakes in Bocksan did melt our hearts. Oiishi desu ne!

In Autumn 2010, we came back like whirlwind tour guides and decided to bring our two friends who's on their 'virgin' trip to Japan. Here we are at Bocksan again. This time dragging William and Joanne along with us after the heavy Kobe Beef meal.

The entrance of Bocksan. This outlet is actually quite near to the Motomachi. The  first floor is their retail outlet and the second floor is where desserts are served to eat-in customers.
Everyone got pick a dessert to share among the four of us. Among the four cakes that we ordered, I had them in my personal order of preference, despite everyone's disagreements about which was the best on the table ;-).

#1 Bocksan's Swiss Roll - Being a Swiss Roll lover, what can be more exciting than visiting Bocksan. I'll not be surprised if Bocksan's named the 'best' swiss roll maker in Kobe. As plain as it looks, this piece of swiss roll was really something. The light and fragrant cake base was rolled into a swirl with the right amount of fresh cream. The swiss roll was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's a 'Must-Try" in the house.
#2 Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry was in season and we had to order this cake to try. The cake was light (even lighter than the swiss roll as it needs no rolling). The fresh strawberries were sweet!
#3 Milk Pudding Cake - This wasn't much of a difference from the strawberry shortcake. The strawberries were swapped for pudding toppings. If you've tried the pudding in Japan, you'll agree that they put a lot of effort into making the best, (minimart ones excluded from considerations). Having them as topping for a cake adds novelty to the taste of the cake.

#4 Pumpkin base fruit tart - The choice of juicy sourish fruits were a good mix with the sweet pumpkin tart base. It was quite good if eaten on it's own. It's just that when compared to the rest of the cakes, I thought this tart shy in comparison to the cakes that we ordered. 

Cho 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe Sannomiya 6-3 
Kobe, Japan
TEL :078-391-3955

Bocksan Website


red fir said...

Reading this post makes me weep... I so want everything. The cakes all look so awesome especially the swiss roll and pumpkin tart! I love Japanese fresh cream, very light & delicious.

Unknown said...

ice : Then Bocksan should be one to visit in Kobe. I actually wanted to visit another popular cake shop right opposite but they close early before our beef can be digested, plus I didn't want to miss out on the swiss roll.


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