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Macarons from Pierre Hermé or Ladureé. What's your pick?

The basic ingredients of macaron are egg white and lots of sugar. It's so amazing that with such simple ingredients coupled with some whisking, piping and baking, so many variations of macarons can be created.

Macaron is what I called 'happy' food. Happy because it's sweet and colorful and looks like it's something that can cheer me up when I'm down. The vibrance of colors and multitudes of taste that goes on between that two sweet biscuit shells spell out the magic conjured by their creators. Of course, only with lots of dedication and creativity can these confectionary evolved into a magical art form. The two famous French names that I think can claim masters of the macaron art would be Ladureé and Pierre Hermé.

I am lucky enough to be presented with the chance of tasting them without having to fly to Paris. They flew to me for a 'clash of the titans'.

Pierre Hermé Infiniment Caramel contains salted butter caramel between the macaron shells. It has a smoother creamier taste of butter than Ladureé's

Ladureé Caramel with Salted Butter - Ladureé's version have a more distinct caramel taste and less creamier as compared to Pierre Hermé's. The filling is browner, evident of a predominant caramel mix.

Pierre Hermé Rose - Take a deep breathe, smell it, then taste it. The immense fragrance of the Rose was really pronounced. It's really a fine line between one that taste like Rose syrup and one that really let you think you're eating macaron among a rose wonderland. Pierre Hermé's Rose macaron brought out the latter experience, even though I'm sitting in my clutter living room, messy with outdated newspaper and magazines. You can call me a day dreamer, cause this macaron do make you fantasize ...... 

Ladureé Rose - Ladureé  Rose has a subtle touch in terms of fragrance and taste. It gives you that refinement of Rose, not overpowering, but simply sweet as a lover's comforting embrace. This one is more like a single red rose, simple and sweet smelling while Pierre Hermé's version brings you into a rose wonderland.

Ladureé Green Apple was a good switch from the mostly sweet macarons that I've tried. The sourish taste of the green apple filling play down the sweetness of this macaron.

Ladureé's Vanilla was unmistakably vanilla right down to the taste, smell and look. Even the little vanilla seeds from inside the vanilla pods can be seen scattered throughout the shells. I heard that Pierre Hermé Triple Vanilla was hard to beat but unfortunately it's not available this season and there's no grounds for a comparison.

Pierre Hermé Mogador is a mix of Chocolat au Lait and Fruit de la Passion. Ade thought that the chocolate and passion fruit was a really good mix. Due to the climate where passion fruit thrives, this must have been a popular taste in Paris as these fruits would most likely be harder to come by or cost more to import.

Pierre Hermé Métissé is Carotte (Carrot), Orange and Canelle (Cinnamon) flavor. This is a new flavor that's just added to the shelf. The shell on top was carrot flavored that even come with bits of carrot. The bottom shell is orange flavored. There's only a very slight tint of cinnamon while the taste of orange came through very predominantly and the carrot was almost forgotten if not for the color of the shell and the bits that I grind with my teeth. I liked the bold colors and mix but the taste may have just pass off as an orange flavor.
Pierre Herme Truffe Blanche and  Noisette. First the concentrated fragrance of the white truffle hit me and then followed by the smooth sweetness of the noisette. The taste was unique but I thought it was fragrant and absolutely awesome. This can be a 'either-you-hate-it-or-you-love-it' flavor. There's even foie gras flavor from Pierre Hermé if you thought this white truffle flavor is bold. 

Pierre Hermé Infiniment Chocolat - Chocolat Pure Origine Venezuela Porcelana is the Venezuela chocolate flavor. Tricia was put to the test for this flavor. She's a little imp with a taste for chocolate and everything sweet. There's no need for long elaborated description of how this macaron taste. She ate the whole thing and managed a cheeky twinkling smile which sums it all for the taste of this macaron. 
After trying both Ladureé and Pierre Hermé macarons with a small 'tasting panel', I can only conclude within the scope of that mere 2 boxes that Pierre Hermé would be the more creative, more adventurous master of macaron whereas Ladureé is more of a fundamentalist and more traditional master of macarons making. I thought they are both very good macaron makers. So it really depends on your experience with either, your character, your peculiar taste that will make you stand on either camp. Personally, I'm more swayed towards Pierre Hermé. What about you? 


red fir said...

I can almost imagine myself in rose wonderland already... love Pierre Hermé's Rose macaron, those rose macarons found in SG simply can't match up in Pierre Hermé's intense flavor, fragrance & texture. Once again, lucky you. I wouldn't share any if I were you. (:

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

ice : If i did not share I think I'll probably be too high on sugar and I'll attract ants for the next few days. :)

Adeline : 當時妳吃了幾個。所以潮男好还是宅男好呢? 我看妳是拿不定主意。 就兩個一起上好了。。。哈哈

mfs said...

Pierre Herme definitely!!! I love love love his macarons!

Unknown said...

Yes Qiuyi I would have already guessed your preference ..... :)


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