Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Jamon Iberico Bellota and Chorizo Sandwich

I wanted to exit the ECP one after the slip road that leads to home so that I can go grab some take-away dinner. However, I was faced with a traffic jam that forced me home instead. So it's time to rummage through my fridge again. There's some wonderful ingredients ready to be whipped up into my quick dinner, Jamon Iberico Bellota and Chorizo Sandwich. I sliced up some lettuce, mixed them with a little mayonnaise, careful not to let the amount mask the enjoyment of the Jamon. A little mix of black pepper and then place some of my prized stash of Jamon Iberico Bellota and a couple of Chorizo slices onto the lettuce heap. Yummy!

For those who don't know what's Jamon Iberico Bellota, it's actually Spanish ham from the Iberico hog fed with acorns (Bellota). Typical curing period of the Jamon Iberico can be 24 months or up to 48 months. When the Iberico hogs are fed with acorns (Bellota), the hogs form very good marbling resulting in this tender, unique tasting ham.  This Jamon is one of the most expensive ham in the world. So is this some kind of simple indulgence?

My Jamon Iberico Bellota and Chorizo Sandwich


red fir said...

Some mighty indulgent sandwich you've got there! I see more Jamon Iberico & chorizo nibbles by the side too. (:

Unknown said...

There's some more in the fridge ..... :)

alkanphel said...

That's one atas sandwich hahaha!

Unknown said...

yes that's the first Jamon Iberico sandwich I've eaten :-)


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