Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A baking Queen in the making @ Palette Sensations

Our South Italian cooking class in Palette Sensations was an enjoyable, fun filled cooking experience. That was a one time, 3 hour fun filled cooking class that led HY to take on full baking courses from the cooking school, the Foundations of Baking - Chef in Training and Foundations of Baking - Masterchef. Cooking is therapeutic to me as baking is for HY. So the results of this course, apart from the delicious cakes, pastries and ice creams, a renewed adoration for my wife's new found talent.

Previously,  Palette Sensation classes were held in black and white houses in Portsdown Road. It's now located in the Biopolis. The equipments provided here's still the top end stuff. In addition, this new abode for the culinary school has a better space planning that made it easier for moving about during the hands-on classes. There's even an espresso machine nicely tuck in the corner if anyone actually feel sleepy during classes.

HY's new hobby was nurtured by classes helmed by Baking Patissier Angeline Poon, a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu.

Here's my favorites among all the 'homework' that HY had brought home from her classes.

Italian Scones
Did any say that scones are from Italy? Well, sun dried tomatoes and basil made this scone so very Italian, with that strong hint of pizza.

The classic mini scones
You'll know what I'll be having with tea now that a baking Queen's in the making.

Chocolate Fondant Cake
This must have been one of my favorites. I have been eating molten chocolate cake in restaurants and I just found one of the best at home. The Udder's Vanilla Beanz ice cream is a good compliment to this cake. I guess HY and I will have a lot to say when we spotted a molten chocolate cake out there that doesn't have the 'lava' flow.

Coffee Butter Cream Cake
This is a twist from the classic butter cream cake. I just love butter cream cake. Now with the added caffeine twist, it's absolutely marvelous.

Banana and Walnut Muffin
Soft fluffy muffins that's comparable to the muffins that we get out there.

Creme Brulee
It may not look good, but it really taste better than some of the creme brulee I get in some restaurants. I particularly like the creme that's hidden under the burnt sugar crust.

This dessert with was named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. I never liked meringue but this meringue base dessert was simply breathtakingly irresistible. The sweet meringue base got doused with whip cream and then fresh strawberries. These three blended like magic.

Chocolate Mousse Cake
When I looked at this cake, I thought that it was just another chocolate cake. Took a bite, and then I realized why the choice of ingredients is really important. Good quality Valrhona chocolate was used here. Of course, the sweat that goes into making this very tedious, three layer mousse cake.

Vanilla Souffle
When anyone says this is 'Ma Lai Gou' 马来糕 eat your words, cos' this was what I exactly did. This vanilla souffle didn't look like the typical one that we see sprouting out  of a ramekin but it did packed vanilla power. I never liked souffle this much.

Chocolate Souffle
These souffles were definitely worth me driving at 'breakneck' speed from East coast to Biopolis so that they don't collapse on me. I had to march into HY's class unbashfully, looking like a greedy bloke who just of out of jail, just to grab at these 2 souffles. All I can say is that I had got this respect for Baking Patissier Angeline Poon who actually got HY made such good souffle.

Actually, during HY's first 2 classes, I was apprehensive about the quality of 'stuff' that she's gonna bring back and that I had to swallow. My fear was unfounded. All the goodies that came home were all high standard good quality stuff and I started to look forward to the surprises that she spring on me for the many Sunday evenings. 

The only down side, between me and my wife's new found talent, is just more time spent along East Coast Parkway to burn those excess sugars. In order to prove that she had my long term support, I even bought a new pair of ASICS before my other pair wears off because I know that this new found love is going to go on for a while. And to all who told me so, Yes! I  am a lucky man cos' a baking Queen is born.

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