Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Glorious Basterd from Fat Boys Burger Bar

The junction where Joo Chiat Road meets East Coast Road is getting more and more like a food junction. There's Awfully Chocolate at the corner, Astons, Everything Fries, Puteri Mas and the list goes on. It's never boring finding food to eat along this stretch. This weekend we're heading to Fat Boys, The Burger Bar, for some hearty burgers. One thing that Fat Boys is short of is .... fat boys. You can see more slim waitresses in shorts than fat boys in the burger bar. As for their meat source, the menu says "Our burgers are homemade using chilled Australian chuck tenders."

The Fat Basterd is Fat Boy's Signature Burger. Between the sesame burger buns are double beef chuck patties, extra thick bacon cheddar cheese, a fried egg and homemade FatBoy's Sauce. All burgers come with thick cut fries that's quite good.

The Fat Basterd has 2 really thick beef patties that made it a really wholesome meal. So be careful of what you order if you'll like to still enjoy the sides and also the beers from the bar. 

Here's a sectioned view of the Fat Basterd. If you'll like to chicken out on the portion there's the Wimpy available. The Wimpy is half the potion of the Fat Basterd.

Here's the Bleu Peppercorn in the Fat Boy's Menu. The thick beef patty is coated with peppercorn. This is a spicy one, all blame goes to the generous peppercorn coating.

The peppercorn coated beef patty of the Bleu Peppercorn is topped with an onion ring.

Although the burgers are mostly beef burgers there are some non-beef ones like this Mahalo. The Mahalo comes with bacon stuffed pork patty, caramelised onion, grilled pineapple, melted emmenthal cheese and creamy mayonnaise.

We ordered some onion rings to add to our hearty burgers. I find them too greasy for my taste. Maybe I should have down a couple of beers to ease the greasiness.

Here's the casual setting inside Fat Boys at the Katong outlet along Joo Chiat Road. Spotted any fat boys? No right?! Maybe the night is still young. The tap at the bar's flowing till 12 midnight. Apart from the Katong outlet, there's one in Mohammad Sultan and Upper Thomson.

465 Joo Chiat Road
Tel : +65 6346 6081


Anonymous said...

The Fat Basterd is really damn hard to finish off hahaha

Unknown said...

I've got it all down ...... that damned basterd ;-)


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