Saturday, May 14, 2011

Etna Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria @ Upper East Coast Road

It was another weekend of indulgence. This time we decided to venture East to a warm and cosy casual Italian diner in Etna Restaurant and Pizzeria. The ambience was a change from the glitz of the MBS restaurants that we had in the last 2 weekends. This Etna outlet is located in Siglap, a district that is more laid back and definitely more down to earth than MBS. It was a good change though. 

Prosciutto e Melone - Slices of fine Parma ham and rock melon served with rocket salad. We had been avoiding this dish for sometime as we noticed that it's always on the table whenever we visited an Italian restaurant. Revisiting the refreshing taste of sweet melon with savory Parma was revitalizing!

Mozzarella di Bufala - Fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese with cherry tomatoes and rocket salad drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.  The lightly salted buffalo mozzarella cheese was not too bad but just not as smooth as the scoop that was on the Parma ham that we had in Pizzeria Mozza.

Linguine con Capesante - Flat Pasta with scallop and pink lobster sauce. We did order linguine, flat pasta, which turned out to be more like spaghetti. HY didn't like the sauce to be too cheesy but I find that it was not bad. 

Tagliatelle al Funghi e Salsiccia - Homemade egg pasta with light spicy Italian sausage and mushrooms. The tagliatelle was al dente, the sauce was light and infused with the fragrance of mushroom.

Spaghetti alle Cicale - Spaghetti with crayfish and basil in tomato sauce. This was my order and I thought that the basil and tomato sauce was made in texture that was perfect for me. Not too thick nor too diluted. The crayfish was tender. HY swapped her linguine with me and polished off half of my spaghetti.

Etna Pizza - Mozzarella cheese porcini mushrooms, Parma ham, cream cheese, pistachio. Actually, I suggested going to Etna for the pizza. However, we came to the wrong outlet for pizza. The Etna that was listed as one of the Top 10 pizzeria in Singapore in the Epicure magazine was Etna Restaurant and Pizzeria in Duxton Road and not the one in Siglap. My bad. Anyway, I thought the pizza here was a miss. The crust wasn't anything to rave about and what snubbed the pizza was the cloying taste of overpowering mozzarella cheese. The taste of the the ingredients seemed to be overwhelmed by the cheese.  

Etna Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria had a homey feeling and was quite popular with the locals who live nearby and there were quite a number of Caucasians among the almost filled restaurant. Service was average, you'll have to ask to get your glasses filled. I wouldn't mind going  back for the pasta if I'm around the area but I don't think I'll order the pizzas.

110 Upper East Coast Road
Tel : +65 6444 9530

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